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One Musical, The

Country:United States
Info:Like D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ) more initiatives are taken to bring holy hip hop as a theatrical experience. In 2004 another project called The One musical was performed by the following artists:

Gabe (Reborn Disciple) - The One
Vocab Malone - Dr. Luke
Bryan Kilgore - John B. & Judakiss
Warren Stewart (Big Two) - Star

The story
In 2042 the USA is ruled by a military government. There is no religion and the only cultural way of expression is by hip hop. All forms of entertainment are in the hands of the big media networks. These broadcasts studios are always under threat of terrorism, but hold their monopoly position of cultural expression for their own profitable gain.

The studios hold themselves above the law with the cooperation of the government. Their control over the entertainment industry is by using public microphones this is the only way that people are allowed to use their freedom of speech. By using this system nothing can be missed by the broadcast networks. Because even rapping without the use of these MICs make them record what's being said.

Hellbound Records
The TV hit show Club Nu Jeru is made by the best record label of the time Hellbound Records. This show features their best artist The Star. But then a new MC rises to fame it's The One, who has a message of hope and healing. But this MC doesn't want to sign to Hellbound Records and the influence of The One gets bigger. It even threatens the dominating position of Hellbound Records. So The One must "sign or Die".

The One Musical has been performed in 2005 as well. Check out the internetsite for more dates. A soundtrack of the musical has been released in 2004.

Release:The One [musical soundtrack]
The One [musical soundtrack]
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. The One
2. Who I Am
3. Beat Box
4. Holy Spirit
5. Playas, Playas, Playas
6. Nu Jeru TV Show
7. I Blaze
8. A Voice In The Streets
9. Buggin' Cuzzin
10. I Am The One
11. Cornbread
12. Lights Out Son
13. Miracle Montage
14. The Dealmaker
15. I Am Alive
16. Go!
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