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Reborn Disciple

Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [RBD]
Country:United States
Releases:[I still hold on] [Victory] [Old Carnal Nature]
Info:The Reborn Disciple or Gabriel Manjarrez was a secular rap artist with the group “2 of a kind” from 1988 to 1998. And as time past the group would later on become known as “Brown Blood”. As their popularity soared they signed a recording contract with Thump records of Lowrider magazine based out of Orange County, California. The group shared the stage with various recording artist such as Roger and Zapp, CeCe peniston, 2nd to None and Lighter Shade of Brown. Gabriel Manjarrez, known as “MC G” at the time toured the west coast and performed in cities like Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Tuscon, Albuqurque and Las Vegas.

Gabriel found the out the entertainment business is a very difficult business to thrive in if your not careful. With corrupt business partners and managers selling dreams to competing artist and jealousy running rampant it became hard to hit the big time. So with the early exposure to drugs and alcohol to Gabriel at the age of 9 it was very easy for him to fall victim to it. He grew up with his three other brothers and was raised by his single mom in the Duppa Villa projects.

Street Life
He learned the ways of the streets growing up in the gang and witnessing beatings and murders and how to survive in a dangerous living environment. But high school became an avenue for him to escape the violent street life as he progressed in his academics and made the high school basketball team. There he met and fell in love with Monique Castillo and a son would be born to them one year later.

Monique’s family who are devoted Christians would pressure her to marry Gabriel to be right with God and undefiled. So he willingly married her and fled the gang life to become her husband as well as a father. Soon after Monique would rededicate her life to Christ and had hoped Gabriel would surrender to him as well but that was a far fetched idea. He kept pursuing his dreams of stardom and soon after became unfaithful in his marriage as she would file for divorce. He still loved his wife and son and wanted to reconcile so they moved to Las Vegas seeking a better life.

Las vegas
But his demons followed him there as he would live recklessly and spend time in the Las Vegas jail for drunk driving. So Monique took their son and moved back to Phoenix to escape the verbal and domestic abuse she endured.
After a few months back in Phoenix, Monique realized she was pregnant. So she attempted to try and make their relationship work and invited Gabriel to come back and live as a family. So he took the next flight out of Las Vegas and moved back to Phoenix. Then just a few weeks after their daughter was born Gabriel continued to drink and fall heavily into crack cocaine.

Drug addicted and unfaithful he still continued to perform with the group and used the money to support his habit. Then tragedy struck when both Gabriel and Monique woke up from a nights sleep to find their daughter dead from an unexplainable death called “S.I.D.S.”
His life went into a tailspin as depression and guilt over her death sent him into a violent rage as he no longer could control his anger. Years went by and he began to go in and out of jail for assault related incidents.

After performances he would continue to cheat on his wife with groupies in hotel rooms and drink heavily. But now his drinking caused him to act violently endangering himself as well as others. But Monique never gave up on her husband as she prayed continually for him.
Then one day after Gabriel stayed out all night doing drugs and spending all their money he came home and had hit rock bottom when he seen the look on his children’s faces. He had had enough of hurting his family and the very next day was the anniversary of his daughter Vanessa’s death. Alone in his room he called out to Jesus and he was never the same again.

He was set free from, drugs, alcohol and physical violence instantly. He later on became totally delivered from sexual perversion and now lives in complete victory. After a powerful encounter with the presence of God in his bedroom he started the Reborn Disciple hip hop ministry in 1999. The ministry is based on the scripture in the book of John chapter 8 verse 31 where it states “if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed”.

Gabriel is out to touch the lives of those individuals who are bound by the same things Jesus has released him from. By using gospel rap, the message of Jesus is easily introduced to the gangs, prostitutes, inmates and drug dealers, who lend an ear when the music plays.

He changed the name and the game and now is on fire for Jesus Christ. He has shared his testimony and performed live numerous times for the Phoenix “Praise the Lord “ program. Now he is currently signed to God Style records of Denver, Colorado and working with A.G.E. of Preachers in the Hood. His first LP for the label entitled “I still hold on” has just been released.
In 2004 he played the role of The One in the hip hop musical The One.

Gabriel has a home in Phoenix where he lives with his lovely wife Monique of 16 years. They have four children, Gabriel jr., Eric, Jeremy and Aaron.

Release:I still hold on
I still hold on
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:God Style Records
Info:1. I Still Hold On
2. Lift Him Up - featuring R.B.D., Smooth Rapture
3. Sanctuary
4. Blessed Day
5. Another Way
6. Suddenly
7. New Day
8. Good Life
9. You Keep Runnin
10. Another Chance
11. Terminate tha Devil - featuring R.B.D., Victorious Gospel Jubilees
12. Suddenly [Remix]
13. Livin for tha Lord
14. Victory Tonight
15. Change Me
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Media:[Audio CD]
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Release:Old Carnal Nature
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Media:[Audio CD]
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