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K-Drama & MC Till

K-Drama & MC Till
Country:United States
Info:Teaming up for this project are K-Drama and MC Till. The album Black Guy Meets White Guy is released in 2006. The song "To Be or Not to Be" was performed at RapFest 2005 and "I'm Good" plus "I wanna spend the night" were both performed at Fla.vor Fest 2005.

Cincinnati based Regis Jones a.k.a. K-Drama has his own label. T.H.I.S. Click Records is established in September of 1999. T.H.I.S. stands for This Holy Inspirational Society.

MC Till
MC Till from Cincinnati, Ohio released his debut Downtown James in 2005.

Release:Black Guy Meets White Guy
Black Guy Meets White Guy
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:T.H.I.S. Click Records
Info:This album is released 31st January 2006.

1. The Meeting
2. Oduyoye*
3. God Did His Thing**
4. Feel Good Music - featuring Leslie Hollis and Bracey**
5. Live @ the Bar.b.q**
6. I'm Good**
7. Back to the mc^
8. To Be or Not to Be - featuring Bracey#
9. Get High Music**
10. Hip Hop +
11. I'll Be There**
12. I wanna spend the night^
13. Wu-Tang Jesus^
14. We He're#
15. The Walk^

*Produced by Theory Hazit (http://www.soundclick.com/theoryhazbeats)
**Produced by Platinum Tips (http://www.dasouth.com/platinumtips)
^Produced by MC Till (http://www.mctill.com)
#Produced by Spectacular Beats (http://www.spectacularbeats.com)
+Produced by Tony Stone
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