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Country:United States
Releases:[Blackbook 2005 : B Sides First] [Blackbook 2002]
Info:Marshall Couture also known as Calmplex is a new member of Dirt's dynamic team of MCs Shadow of the Locust. He released another album in his Blackbook series "Blackbook 2005 : B-Sides First". He is working on his solo debut album therefore the series should be seen as his "musical sketchbook".

The Start
Calmplex started with hiphop in high school. During lunch in his school cafeteria he overheard a table of classmates freestylin' and he was immediately hooked. He and his friend Abioseh went home that day and started writing rhymes. Soon they put together a crew and began creating songs under the name Left Side.

Calmplex then spent nearly two years writing rhymes, making beats and rockin' shows as part of an expanded crew called Jah Arsenal.
Now a full-fledged student of hiphop, Calmplex took his newfound skills to Zion Bible Institute where he studied Theology. It wasn't long before his passion for hiphop, now fused with intense Biblical studies, drove him to seek out other MCs to collaborate with.

Between classes, on weekend and whenever they could squeeze in a few more minutes of frantic creativity, Calmplex and his new crew Harmonious Minds, were hard at work improve their skills: both in the booth and on stage.
After several members of that crew dropped out of college it became difficult for Calmplex to continue with the group, so he pulled back and set out to refine his own skills. During this time of heightened creativity he got his hands on as many different styles of hiphop as he possibly could in search of inspiration.

The problem was, the more he listened to what was being released the more discouraged he became. It seemed that there was very little that could appeal to his need for cutting edge beats and aggressive lyrics and flow. Knowing that he was more than capable of putting out better quality music than what he had found, Calmplex stumbled across the San Diego based emcee Dirt. He was absolutely amazed at Dirt's deep spiritual content, sharp soundscapes and unique flow, and it wasn't long before he formed a relationship with the MC.

Shadow of the Locust
Immediately after hearing some of his beats, Dirt invited Calmplex to join him in representing his nationwide crew Shadow of the Locust.

Calmplex joined his friend Charles "Codak" Maze to partner in a record label called The Labaddictz, this was announced December 27th, 2006. Their goal is to bring the best in hip hop, house, trance, DNB and break beats. This joint venture means that Calmplex will not run his own production company Upside Down Projects anymore.

On May 24th, 2007 it was announced that Calmplex and The Man Prefekt teamed up to form the group GUN.

New Project
Calmplex already works on another Blackbook album entitled "Codak Moments".

New projects
Besides his debut album he will be working on another album, which is a mix of rock and rap. It will be released under the bandname Jimi Marshall. The name Jimi comes from his musical partner in this project and Marshall is Calmplex in charge of the rapping and samples.

Sources: MySpace blog The Man Prefekt: See What I've Been Up To, May 24th, 2007

Release:Blackbook 2005 : B Sides First
Blackbook 2005 : B Sides First
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Track 1 - Beat by Express, Lyrics by Calmplex, Noiz. All representing Shadow of the Locust.
Track 2 - Beat by Wut Metaphysical, Lyrics by Calmplex, Wut Metaphysical, Scratches by DJ Catch Wreck.
Track 3 - Beat by DJ Catch Wreck, Lyrics by Calmplex.
Track 4 - Beat by Dr. Goo, Lyrics by Calmplex.
Track 5 - Beat by Codak, Lyrics by Psalmist 2k, Calmplex.
Track 6 - Beat by Dr. Goo, Lyrics by Calmplex.
Track 7 - Beat by Codak, Lyrics by Calmplex, Codak, Scratches by Codak.
Track 8 - Beat by Calmplex, Lyrics by Calmplex, Scratches by DJ Needle Knievel.
Track 9 - Beat by Dr. Goo, Lyrics by Calmplex.
Track 10 - Beat by Kritical, Lyrics by Calmplex.
Track 11 - Beat by Calmplex, Lyrics by Calmplex, Bobby Bishop, Scratches by DJ Needle Knievel.
Track 12 - Beat by Express, Lyrics by Calmplex, Express representing Left Side.
Track 13 - Beat by Engleburt, Lyrics by Calmplex.
Track 14 - Beat by Calmplex, Lyrics by Calmplex, Kaos.
Track 15 - Beat by Kritical, Lyrics by Stu-Dent, Calmplex.
Track 16 - Beat by Miscellaneous Artists, Lyrics by Calmplex for the first audio tournament at www.micwar.com

1. Control the Mic
2. Devastation Time
3. Air Conditioning
4. The Anthem
5. Knowledge on the Pages
6. Pompitous
7. Apocalypse
8. Episode I
9. Get Up
10. Help Me
11. Breakin My Heart
12. Rep Right
13. The Vibes
14. Inna Tight Situation
15. Anonymous Love
16. Mic War Battles
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Release:Blackbook 2002
Blackbook 2002
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Lift Up The Light
2. Trouble Ahead
3. In Awe
4. 911
5. World Is Like
6. Everything Else
7. Close 1's
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