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Country:United States
Info:Cedric Dramaine Hardimon is CedEnough born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His first performance was at a talent show at the age of fifteen. CedEnough has since then evolved into a MC, songwriter and a producer. He also started his own label called Church Boy Entertainment.

CedEnough's first album "Strange to the world" is released in 2005 and received a nation wide re-release in February of 2006.

Release:Strange To The World
Strange To The World
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Church Boy Entertainment
Info:Production by Track-o-holiks.
Guest appearances by Dre Murray, Lavel jackson and Tyler Kelley.

1. Strange To The World (intro)
2. Confess (remix)
3. Attention
4. Strange Dude
5. What Would You Say?
6. Window Scene (interlude)
7. Look Out My Window
8. Let It Flow
9. It's Serious
10. Club Scene (interlude)
11. You A Church Boy?
12. Brother's Keeper
13. Store Scene (interlude)
14. Enough Ced
15. Doesn't Matter
16. Missing You
17. Real rap
18. Salvation (outro)
19. Make 'Em Feel You
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