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Info:C-Squad from Leuven was founded in 1997 out of love for the three R's being Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap. The crew consisted of:

- Willem Hakelbracht: WilliaM (born 1986)
- Obed Vleugels: O'bey (born 1984)
- Arend Boersema: L.A. le Saint (born 1983)
-Koen de Petter: DJ Ducap (born 1984)

Line Up
The crew has changed over the years former members are Samuel, Nikias Walraevens and Evelien Hakelbracht. In October 2005 Jayme Amaurry, also known as Jonathan Boersema, left the group.

The name C-Squad stands for the "C" of Christian. It's the positive message the crew wants to communicate to the listener, where he or she can ponder about.
Besides the message, the members are trying to live out this christian lifestyle they envision and express through their music.

The crew rapped in the Dutch language. In 2003 they released the demo "Proud to Present".

The crew has not been active since 2004. All members have gone their own way, without any disharmony.

Photo from left to right: DJ Ducap, WilliaM, O'bey & L.A. le Saint.

Release:Proud to Present
Proud to Present
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2003 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Recorded in 2002 at the Grindstone Recordingsstudio.
Artwork by Obed Vleugels also known as O'bey.

1. Wat We Zeiden En Deden
2. Is Het Echt?
3. Vier Jaargetijden
4. Pick Up The Pieces
5. Facts Of Love
6. You Need Me
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