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Country:United States
Info:Serving as the current CEO for the Fla.vor Alliance, Edward Bayonet Jr. also known as Spec is a youth leader under Urban D's hip hop youth ministry at Crossover Community Church in Tampa, Florida. Besides this he is the chief graphic designer for all artwork produced from Fla.vor Alliance.

Single parent home
From the age of 6, Spec grew up without a father figure in his life. Being raised in a single parent home was not easy for him nor his mother and sister. Though growing up with cousins that were graffiti artists, uncles that were breakdancers and DJ's, the culture of hip-hop was always around.

March of 1998 Spec was invited to attend a "christian" hip-hop concert by LOS-1 (The Strength) that he met while both were in college. Attending the concert was over 400 people at a place called "Crossover" (surprise). The concert was Urban D.'s second album release "The Answers". That night he proclaimed Jesus the Christ as his Lord.

Three months later; a car accident involving his cousin, sister, mother, and grandmother took place. The tragedy took the life of his grandmother but spared the lives of his cousin, sister and mother. Confussion entered his life; questioning God, if this was personal punishment for certain actions he did in his past. Relief of this thought came from The Ambassador of (The Cross Movement) who first introduced to him the story about Job. Since then, Spec has served the Lord faithfully and continues to do so until he is reunited with his father in heaven.

Graduating college with an Associates degree in advertising & design; Spec has utilized his talents all for God. Tithing back his gift of art to the ministry. Spec has done an array of album covers: Urban D.'s The Missin' Element", "The Tranzlation" & "The Immigrant", CMN Records compilation "Calling of the Camps", The Strength "Sandstorm" & "Spiritual Jungle", Hazakim "Hip-hologetics", The Cross Movement "Human Emergency" & Fla.vor Alliance's "Open Mic : live at Crossover", Upperground "Alto Nivel", "180" "Con Tu Permiso", Los-1 "Help Me".

Currently Spec along side Urban D., produced "Open Mic : live at Crossover" which is a collaboration of the best of Crossover concerts; and both also have co-produced Open Mic : volume 2. Lastly, Spec's debut album release entitled "In Your Eye" has released through Fla.vor Alliance in 2004.

Release:In Your Eye
In Your Eye
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Fla.vor Alliance
Info:1. My Turn
2. Come On...
3. Enemy Lines - featuring Los-1
4. Against the Grain - featuring Legacy & Nice
5. False Prophets - featuring Upperground & Urban D.
6. Forgive You!? - featuring Reflex
7. Acasolo
8. The Package
9. In Your Eye
10. Kiiddo Quits
11. My Authority - featuring Proverb & Los-1
12. Indi.Pen.Dance - featuring Sabe
13. Embrace Me - featuring Harmony
14. Dark Island
15. Torture
16. Your Turn
17. True Freestyle - featuring Jakiris
18. In Your Eye (remix)
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