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Country:United States
Releases:[LifeSkills : A Teen Hip Hop Album Promoting Sexual Integrity] [The Last] [Help Me]
Info:Carlos “Los-1” Ramirez II comes to Florida by way of Brooklyn, New York City and the hip hop culture. He grew up in a multi-talented home of 9 brothers and sisters and the head start of both parents (mother and father) in the home. After years watching his siblings sing songs, DJ, dance and perform in the Arts, he soon discovered that he was just as creative artistically and in the summer of 1992, Los-1 was born.

Mutual Friend
Through a mutual friend named Marty White, he was introduced to a man named John Havel, who mentored Los in Christianity and christian hip hop through the next 3 years of his life. Johnny had a moble DJ service that would take Los and his friends all over Tampa Bay, spinning holy hip hop music at local basketball gyms, churches and outreach events.

His Own Music
This is how Los got his start in writing his own music. Johnny “Jams” Havel started a christian hip hop group called Hiz Squad, which consisted of members Marty “Satan’s Worst Nightmare” White, David “DJ Mercy” Rhodes and Carlos “C-Lo” Ramirez II, now known as "Los-1".

The group only lasted about one summer and quickly fell apart due to schedule constrants and lack in creativity, but it’s because of this early start in music that Los got his opportunity to meet and join fellow Fla.vor Alliance member Sabe. Sabe and his brother formed a hip hop group called "The Strength of 3" in Boston, Massachusetts, the two had been doing holy hip-hop for years before they moved to Florida.

The Strength
But just 1 year after making landfall in St.Petersburg, Florida, the group fell apart and Sabe joined forces with Los, cut his former name in half and made “The Strength” with Los-1. Two christian rap albums, which are "Sandstorm" (2000) and "Spiritual Jungle" (2001), came out of this union and many local shows, plus they joined Urban D. and other crew members in Tampa, Florida and helped form what is now Tampa’s own Fla.vor Alliance. When it first began it was called "La Familia of 813".

In 1997 Los graduated from Lakewood Sr. High School in St. Petersburg, Fl., as the Most Talented student of his class, he has definitely been putting those talents to use in his environments and making a positive impact in society. Los-1 has spoken throughout the world to hundreds of thousands of youth at various venues and has independently released 4 christian hip hop albums and is guest featured on over 23 other local and national christian hip hop albums

Armed Forces
In 2003, he was booked by the United States Armed Forces to perform and be a “Combat Support Speaker” at the Yokota Air Base in Yokota, Japan. He's also been invited to rap at our United States’s own National Defense building, The Pentagon; 1 year after 9/11. Through these events, Los-1 received two Military Coin Awards for Outstanding Assistance to our country.

Los-1 uses his music to bring a message of hope and optimism to a world that’s soaked in an incessant outcry for peace. He’s no dictator though; he conveys every topic at hand in a loving and effective manner to any and all audiences.

Carlos, as his wife Jessy calls him, is happily married. October 9th 2006 will make 2 years for him and his bride. They met at their home church, Crossover Community Church in Tampa, Florida.

Sexual Abstinence
In the summer of 2005 Los hooked up with the More2Life! program as a Club Coordinator to take the message of sexual abstinence until marriage to schools and institutions across Tampa Bay. For 2 years he stood beside an educated and well trained team of presenters and now, Los is taking this very same message to high school classrooms with local presenters from A Womans Place, in Tampa.

Los-1 has already released two albums as part of the duo The Strength. But Los-1 released his first solo album "Help Me" on Flavor Alliance in 2003. In 2006 the MC made his sophomore recording "The Last", which he released through his site for free.

Theme Album
The MC's third hip hop album entitled “LifeSkills", which deals about sexual abstinence until marriage is released in 2007. The album was first called "I’m Not Everybody".

Release:LifeSkills : A Teen Hip Hop Album Promoting Sexual Integrity
LifeSkills : A Teen Hip Hop Album Promoting Sexual Integrity
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on July 9th, 2007.
All music recorded, mixed and mastered by Legacy.
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Release:The Last
The Last
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Fla.vor Alliance
Info:The album released on May 29th, 2006 can be downloaded for free at the artist's site.
All music produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Legacy.

1. A Way To Give Back
2. Another One
3. Glory of Love
4. Parables - featuring Spec
5. Please God
6. This Battle - featuring Sabe
7. Why Do I Do
8. Scientific Talk
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Release:Help Me
Help Me
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Fla.vor Alliance
Info:The album is released on November 7th, 2002.
Cover artwork by Ron Pichardo.
Layout by Spec.

1. Intro
2. Eph. 6: 10-20
3. Dancin' Cobraz - featuring Fla.vor Alliance
4. Ritmo Caliente - featuring Upperground
5. Shandy - featuring Upperground
6. This just in... - featuring 813 mafioso
7. For You
8. Testimony
9. Shape of My Heart
10. Club Stuff
11. Tme For Livin'
12. Younger Years
13. Spittin' Scriptures - featuring Urban D.
14. Reborn - featuring DJ Kiddo
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8 out of 10
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