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Country:United States
Releases:[Son of the King] [Believe It Now] [The First of Many]
Info:Viktory's appeal to rap began at the age of 10 when his father, Kirk Shackleford, (a former MC himself) wrote Sherrod's first rap. Sherrod fell in love with rap. It was how he expressed himself. He mainly held true to its origins and wrote about positive things. He was mainly influenced by underground rap. It wasn't until later that Sherrod was exposed to mainstream rap.

However, as his life began to change and become more unstable, his writing reflected a more worldly side of his life. He found himself involved in more negativity as the years progressed. However, his mother, Lisa had instilled a sense of greatness and drive in him and Sherrod persevered. Before graduating high school, Sherrod had lived in Illinois, Minnesota and California and had attended 12 different schools.

After his graduation, Sherrod's mother intervened with a decision he calls "instrumental" in changing his life. He enrolled at Alabama A & M University, majoring in Marketing. College life did offer the experience and freedom of independent learning and offered vast opportunities in developing this budding entrepreneur. However, college life does not oft demand excellence in morality and Sherrod found himself immersed in a life void of God.

Beyond deception
One fateful day in 2000, his life changed when Jesus Christ became very real to him. "I was able to clearly see the deception in the world. I recognized things that I had once seen as fun to be traps and pitfalls. I knew that following God was the only thing that would ensure peace and strength" he says. Though he continued to persevere in the endeavor to becoming a disciple of Christ, life continued to go on. He found that his desire to rap had not died. Sherrod was once prophesied to and was told that he would continue in music, but it would be unto the Lord.

As the Lord continued to show favor in his life, Sherrod blossomed. He married his sweetheart, in 2002 and witnessed the birth of his first son in 2003. He began to fulfill his entrepreneurial call and began his own small business and became an ordained minister in 2003. Before the end of that year, Viktory or Vik was born.

Bible study
The Lord continued to show favor in Sherrod's life. As he led out in a Bible study, the group grew from 4 to over 80 regular attendees - one of the largest Bible study groups on Alabama A & M's campus.

Though he has been quite successful in his endeavors, he is insistent that it was his mother's constant support and love, intertwined with the Divine hand of God that helps him pursue the unknown.The Lord is free to move and do the miraculous, because Viktory is an avid student of the Word and when the Lord uses Viktory as He sees fit the very essence of John 8:31 comes to life. Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, "If ye continue in my word, [then] are ye my disciples indeed;" John 8:31

Viktory has ministered and performed in various settings, world wide and has shared the stage with the likes of Vicki Winans, Marvin Winans, Jr., KJ-52, William Murphy and Smokie Norful.

In early 2004, Viktory was presented a deal with EMI/BEC records, but after much prayer, he turned down the offer to follow the Lord's leading exclusively. This decision has proved to be a great blessing.

Viktory shot two videos in Detroit, Michigan, from his 2006 album, entitled "Believe It Now".
Guest appearances will be made by Marvin Winans, Jr. in the video "Hold Me Down" and Tonex will feature in the video "C'mon Man".

Viktory released his first independent project in 2003, called "First of Many", and it was the only album to ever get a 5 star rating from www.hiphopgateway.com and was acclaimed by www.gospelflava.com. He also appeared on "Beatmart Presents: The Best of the Submissions" Compilation album (2004) and DJ Maj Presents "Speckled Goats" (2004).
His sophomore album is called "Believe It Now" and is released in 2006.

New Project
On December 11th, 2007 the MC announces a new Viktory album "Son of the King," which is released in 2009.

Release:Son of the King
Son of the King
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Viktorious Music Group
Info:The album is released on June 16th, 2009.
Production by:
- Witness: 1, 3, 7, 10, 14
- JR: 2
- Firstborn: 4, 5
- J. Pierre: 6, 11
- Linx Kanek: 8
- Kelvin Wootm also known as Wu10: 12
- Saint Man: 13
- Mad Skrews: 15

1. Son of the King
2. Livin Iiit
3. On Fire
4. Soldier - featuring Firstborn
5. What It Look Like - featuring Canton Jones
6. Good thing - featuring Marvin Winans Jr.
7. Get Hot
8. I Wanna Go - featuring Boulevard 7
9. The Church (Interlude)
10. Survive
11. Get Better - featuring Lisa Kimmey of Out of Eden
12. Watch Me - featuring Wu10
13. Ghetto Boy - featuring Andrea Brown
14. Rewind - featuring La'Crea
15. Never Told You - featuring Sean Simmonds
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Release:Believe It Now
Believe It Now
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Viktorious Music Group
Info:The album is released February 24th, 2006.

1. Believe It Now
2. Changed Me
3. Most High
4. Count On Me
5. Both Knees
6. Interlude (rap is better)
7. What U Need
8. Hold Me Down - featuring Marvin Winans Jr.
9. Move
10. I Need 2 Be
11. God Is Love
12. C'mon Man
13. Slip N Slide
14. Everywhere
15. In The Sky
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Release:The First of Many
The First of Many
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Info:1. Can't Forget
2. Jealousy
3. Struggle
4. More Than You
5. Burnin
6. Ridin
7. I Still Care
8. My Strength
9. You Should Know
10. Never Know
11. Help Me Change
12. Getaway
13. So Much To Me
14. Yourself
15. In The Sky
16. He Will
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