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DJ CreOne

DJ CreOne
Country:United States
Releases:[From The Files Of...] [Underheard Mixtape] [Green Socks and Pepper Sauce]
Info:Christopher Ray Glick, residing in Phoenix, Arizona, is DJ CreOne. Cre pronounced as kree and One as wun. This DJ and producer of hip hop and praise music is born in the border town of Douglas, Arizona. His family moved to Tucson, where he was raised, until he moved to Phoenix.

In 1998, CreOne started producing hip hop tracks and stacking records in the confined space of his apartment room. Faster than you can say Creezy Weezy (one of his various nicknames), Cre had his hands in everything from promoting to recording, and even playing live shows with real audiences!

His production credits include tracks for: Vocab Malone, Verbs, ILLTrip, Marvin Jr., Emayus, Faynt, MC Quest and his own rap group The Migrants. His production work can be heard on the following albums:

- IllTrip - Rumored Existence EP (2002)
Song: Disconnect.

- Urban Artists United (UAU) Compilation (2002?)
Songs: Emayus - Marathon, Castro & Cre Breakbeat Session.

- XTruth.com Global Frequency Compilation (2003)
Songs: Emayus - Marathon, Vocab Malone, Creone, Vidal, Emayus - Word Word.

- Scorpion Kingz II: Southwest Hip Hop Collection Volume 2 (2003)
Song: Vocab Malone - Dear Mr. Rapper Man.

- Vocab Malone - Notepad Nomad (2003)
Songs: U, People That Rap, Lonely Maloney, All Over, Dear Mr. Rapper Man, Castro & Cre Breakbeat Session, Hey.

- Marvin Jr. - Captain Save A Hood (2003)
Songs: Burn Berries, CAPT, The Victories Bangin, Poultry, Noggins, Soufers, To Contain It.

- Emayus - Collabos (2003)
Songs: Word Word, People That Rap, Marathon, Hey.

- Marvin Jr. - The Bus Book (2004)
Song: Tambourine.

- Vocab Malone - Happy Hardcore (2005)
Songs: Produced all tracks.

- The Migrants - Excuse Us While We Work These Lights (2005)
Songs: Intro, Insides, Don't Be Here, Two, Patience, Really Tired, Posse Cut, Rest Remix, Cre's Beat.

- Quest - My Him Book pt1 (2005)
Song: Alot of Talk.

- Quest - Get Up (Single) (2005)
Song: Get Up Remix.

- Rage Crash Compilation (2006)
Song: Vocab Malone featuring Lightheaded - Prime Of Life.

- Vocab Malone - Active Session (2006)
Songs: All tracks.

Guest appearances
Besides producing DJ CreOne also made several guest appearances as a MC:

- Vocab Malone - Notepad Nomad (2003)
Song: Acoustic Freestyle.

- Tommyboy - Who Knew? (2006)
Songs: We Don't Stop, Ridaz.

- The Migrants - Excuse Us While We Work These Lights (2005)
Songs: All tracks.

- Emayus - Collabos (2003?)
Song: Word Word.

Urban Artists United
He's also been heavily involved with the grass roots hip hop ministry, Urban Artists United, as well as a DJ collective called Urban Ministry of Sound.

On stage
In this time, Cre shared the stage with Five Iron Frenzy, John Reuben, Relient K, Mars ILL, LA Symphony, KJ-52, Verbs, Pigeon John, Dirt, Red Cloud, Man of War, The Visionary and Soup The Chemist. His DJ residencies include Urban Artists United?s Open Mic, Enter the Artist Open Mic, Club H2o, Cafe Boba, Americana Espresso Lounge, Mason Jar and The Puma Store.

Cre also has a couple mixtapes under his belt, 2002's "Green Socks and Pepper Sauce" with DJ Fidel Castro and 2004's "Underheard". His last album is "From The Files Of..." released in May 2007.

Sabbatical: A New Start
On July 21st, 2007 the DJ announced his retirement of the christian hip hop scene having lost his inspiration to make hip hop music, the questionmarks regarding hip hop's effectiveness as a ministry tool and his new found love of making worship music. Thankfully this did not turn out in a real farewell, but in a sabbatical period, as DJ CreOne explains on January 18th, 2008: "I'm back doing hip hop again, I've found a way to do both types of music. I'll probably still make a few just regular underground beats here and there, but I think the new stuff I'm gonna work on with Vocab Malone is going to be way different and hopefully reach more and more people. I'm also working on worship music, which is really exciting as it proves that I can do both types of music without contradicting myself or the music."

Sources: MySpace Blog: Retirement, July 21st, 2007.

Release:From The Files Of...
From The Files Of...
(what is this?)
Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on May 26th, 2007.

1. Intro
2. Baller Like - featuring Marvin Jr.
3. You Got The Time
4. Words Out (short mix) - featuring Marvin Jr.,
Vocab Malone and CreOne
5. A Confession - featuring Faynt
6. Mic Psych
7. In Ex
8. Carpal Tunnel Intro
9. Carpal Tunnel - featuring Vocab Malone
10. Daughters Of Zion - featuring Faynt &
Lee Green
11. ShonLock Speaks
12. Tomorrow
13. Who's Slick? - featuring Abraham Maldonado
14. However - featuring Marvin Jr.
15. Ahh Yes - featuring Verses
16. Take Me There - featuring Stro The New Jack
17. Can Be Relied Upon
18. Pockets Out - featuring Marvin Jr.
19. Reasons - featuring Faynt
20. Praise Interlude
21. New School - featuring Marvin Jr. and Faynt
22. Outro - featuring Stro The New Jack
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Release:Underheard Mixtape
Underheard Mixtape
(what is this?) / 2 users have this
Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Child Prodijee
2. MG - That Cru remix (cre-mix)
3. Futureshock - Seekers
4. LMNO + 2Mex - Stick Up
5. Vex Da Vortex - No Challengers verse (cre-mix)
6. Manchild - United U Fall (Nate Smart Production)
7. Public Opinion Poll
8. 4th Avenue Jones - Do Re Mi (cre-mix)
9. Haileyoos Fishermen - Lime Light
10. the Procussions - Leave Her Alone
11. Pigeon John - Life Goes On
12. John Reuben + Playdough Freestyle
13. Manchild - Fundamentals verse
14. Peace 586 - Listen Remix
15. Marvin Jr.‚ Vocab Malone‚ Vidal - All Over
16. Soup the Chemist - Under the Influence
17. Michaelis Constant - Verbal Vomit (cre-mix)
18. Jurny Big + Raphi - Mic Master
19. A Panda´s Journey Towards A Healthy Lifestyle
20. Soul Junk - Ill M I (cre´s humrush mix)
21. Manchild - Freestyle
22. La Symphony - Broken Tape Decks (Shoomp Mix)
23. Tapwater - Scripts
24. Urban D. - Otra Vez (cre-mix)
25. Marvin Jr. The Chancellor spittin
26. Legacy spittin
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Release:Green Socks and Pepper Sauce
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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