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Country:United Kingdom
Info:Lindz West is LZ7. He was part of The Tribe, formerly known as The World Wide Message Tribe (WWMT). The band mixed dance music with rap to minister at schools in Manchester, United Kingdom. The WWMT started in 1992 and performed all over the world. Later on due to changes in the line up the band was named The Tribe in 2001 and finally disbanded in 2004.

LZ7' debut album Ruckus is released through Survivor Records in December of 2005. The record is a mix of hiphop, rock and the UK streetsound.
All songs on the album were written and produced by Lindz with his former Tribe colleagues George Mhondera and Quinton Delport along with DJ A Skillz and Hanif Williams (BlushUK).

Source: Crossrhythms.co.uk

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Survivor Records
Info:1. Start Something
2. Worldwide
3. Why
4. Cross I Carry
5. Get Out Ya Seat
6. Colour
7. Come Around
8. Head Back
9. Break The Beat
10. We Came Here
11. Top Rockin
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