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Dead Republic

Dead Republic
Country:United States
Info:Dead Republic started in 2002 with MC Noiz and Wut Metaphysical doing street ministry in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. They would freestyle in the streets with a djembe drum and pass out tracks.

Later they became an official crew after writting their first hiphop cut. It was written for a CD they sold to support missions. After the Dead Republic started, J-Mac (female singer) joined along with Free (another MC). The crew never put out a CD and broke up because of differences with the artists.

In 2004 they reunited under a new and more spiritual vision, eventually adding the crew members:
- Agit8
- Alleyes Manifest
- DJ Skools
- DropJaw
- OdDity

They still do frequent shows in and around St. Louis and work on a new album in 2008.

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