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Country:United States
Info:The MC Sojourn from San Diego is known for his membership of the crew Future Shock.

Sojourn is strongly connected to creative self-expression through the outlets of MCing, beat boxing, performance poetry and drumming.

He has appeared on various underground Hip Hop tapes with his band Future Shock as a lyricist, human beat-box and drummer. His first guest feature on a label was LPG’s “The Earthworm” (1995) with the other members of Future Shock on a song entitled “Deafening Silence”.

Future Shock
Shortly thereafter Future Shock’s debut LP “Remember The Future” was released in 1996 on Brainstorm Artists International. Sojourn was featured with Future Shock on the Tunnel Rats debut album “Experience” and Peace 586’s “Risen Son” LP, both released in 1996.

From there he went on to contribute a solo song for a Syntax Records compilation Night Owls One (2001) entitled “More Than Rap”. But it would last until 2006 for Sojourn to release his debut album.

Future Shock released “The Art Of Xenos: Entertaining Aliens” on Syntax records in May 2001. For this album he made his ‘debut’ as a beat-smith and as an up and coming producer.

Jazz & drums
It was also around this time that he jumped on the opportunity to expand his drumming chops by sitting in with a Latin jazz band called Black Mambo. Sitting in with a jazz band, reciting his poetry at local poetry readings, and engaging other MCs at open mic's and battles make Sojourn a strong presence in Future Shock.

Sojourn’s improvisational skill has won him two major San Diego MC battles: “The Breakthrough” held at The Scene in Clairemont Mesa and “Sunday Service” at Antonio’s showcase in downtown San Diego.

Sojourn will release his debut recording the album "Sojournalism : The Summer Articles" on Braille's label HipHop Is Music in 2007. This album was first named "All Quiet On The Western Front".

Release:Sojournalism : The Summer Articles
Sojournalism : The Summer Articles
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:HipHop Is Music
Info:The album is scheduled for release on September 1st, 2009.

Beats by:
- Supreme Keys: 1
- Sojourn: 2, 7, 14, 16
- Oh No: 3
- Rusland of TheBreax: 4
- Choice 37: 5
- PNS of the Molemen: 8
- Theory Hazit: 9, 11
- Dert : 10, 13
- S1 : 12
- Soulution: 15

Cuts by:
- DJ Rip One: 3
- DJ Idull: 10
- DJ Spark: 11, 16

beatbox by:
- Sojourn: 6

1. Welcome intro
2. Expectations
3. Get Back
4. Art Verses Commerce
5. Fool's Gold
6. Human Resource - featuring Big Rec
7. Say Something
8. Cause and Effect
9. Solutionists - featuring Sivion and Surreal
10. The Craving
11. Civil War
12. 10,000 - featuring Braille and Theory Hazit
13. Definitely Special
14. Road Less Traveled - featuring BlameOne and Future Shock
15. All Things Considered
16. Sojournalism
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