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Chosen Vessels

Chosen Vessels
Country:United States
Info:Chosen Vessels are Young Dave and Jada Poet from New Jersey.

Young Dave
Michael "Young D" Forest was born in Camden, New Jersey and lived out his young teen to adult years in MaysLanding. Growing up with no father figure in the home, Michael was raised by his mother. He was raised well by his mother, but lacked the love and guidance from a father.

Wicked ways
As a young teen Michael has lived the life of the typical young man, drugs, drinking, secular rapping and girls. Michael has attended church services during his teen years, but the word that came forth just wasn't enough for him to stop his wicked ways.

One day Michael's sister had discovered a new, loving church in the area and told the family that they had to attend. It was that day that Michael came in contact with one of God's generals, Pastor Jeffrey Lynn Harvey from Solid Rock Ministries Church. From that day on Michael's life has changed. He discovered who he was and the purpose for his life. He felt love like he never felt before.

A mouthpiece
With his mind set on Christ, Michael has made a drastic change for the better. As Michael truley understood his gift from God, he realized his true purpose in life and that is to minister to God's people through song. Salvation is on the tounge of this young psalmnist and through the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus The Christ, Michael will be a mouthpiece for the Lord.

Jada Poet
Information to be added.

The duo released their album Psalms 151 on Chosen Vessel Records in 2005.

Photo: Jada Poet (left), Young Dave (right)

Release:Psalms 151
Psalms 151
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Chosen Vessel Records
Info:1. Alpha
2. A New Praise
3. Black Man Fought
4. Temptation
5. Not Like That
6. What the Streets Need
7. God's Calling Ya
8. Gey Away
9. Jesus Lives
10. Gosepel Rock
11. Why
12. Adoration
13. Omega
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