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DJ Idull

DJ Idull
Country:United States
Info:Sean Herman from Longmont, Colorado is DJ Idull. Besides being a DJ, he is also a graphicdesigner and clothingdesigner. Plus he loves to skateboard.

The Art
For Sean turntablism is about individuality and self expression. He's got a mellow attititude towards the art of turntablism and the competitive nature surrounding it. He states "[...]regardless of your talents on a pair of phonographs I still give any turntablist respect for trying what they like to hear and doing what they want. Because I think too many DJ's are trying to be the best! And instead, I look at it as... wow... this kid did his thing".

DJ Idull has performed alongside John Elway, Lightheaded, Braille, EFk and IllEagles. In April and May of 2006 he toured with Ohmega Watts through Europe.
In July 2006 he toured with Braille as support act for soul artist James Brown in Europe.

Geneva Project
During the Ohmega Watts tour Surreal, Ohmega, Braille and DJ Idull recorded "4 Days In Geneva". The album was released in Japan in May 2007.

The DJ made a promotional mixtape for Braille, entitled "Box of History" (2007).

DJ Idull's album "Mixtape Volume One" is released through Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records in 2006.

Release:Mixtape Volume One
Mixtape Volume One
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Playdough - Tip Your Hat
3. Ill Trip featuring Sev Statik - Breaks Down
4. Chuck Dimes - Apples & Oranges
5. Braille featuring Manchild - Microphone Rush
6. Tunnel Rats - Pray for the Morning
7. Boombox Titans - Changed Man
8. Lovely Interlude
9. Mars ILL - What is Love
10. The Procussions - Leave Her Alone
11. Lojique- Eastern Sky
12. MG! The Visionary featuring Smoke - That Cru
13. Phat Kats - Cloud 9
14. Random Cuts
15. Lightheaded- Selfless
16. Ron Burgundy's Cipher Education
17. Mars ILL - Dog Ear Page
18. Phonetic Composition - M-Piece and Love
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