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Street Sweepers

Country:United States
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Info:Street Sweepers comprised of three ministers of the Gospel of Christ, G-Wade from Washington, DC, R-Swift and Ackdavis from Philladelphia.

After performing as solo artists up and down the east coast, the three felt that they could make a greater impact in ministry as a group. So after a lot of prayer and earnestly seeking God, they all felt that God had given them the green light and so the Street Sweepers were born.

Street Sweepers released their debut CD entitled, "M:22" on I-66 Entertainment in 2002.

They were honored with the 2003 Holy Hip Hop Award at the 2003 Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, Georgia and were nominated as group of the year by What's The Word Magazine and the Urban Gospel Alliance in Oakland, California.

They have performed with such groups as the Cross Movement, Grits, Seventh Day Slumber, Corey Red & Precise, Urban D, as well as, Christian organizations; Acquire The Fire, Holy Hip Hop (ATL), Rap Fest (New York), Flavor Fest (Florida) and Hoop Heaven Basketball Camp (New York).

Short Lived
The crew seems an one time only project, since R-Swift and G-Wade both pursuit their solo careers.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2002 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:I-66 Entertainment
Info:1. Intro
2. Truth or Lie
3. Face It
4. Interlude - featuring R-Swift
5. Street Sweepers
6. Sorrow & Pain
7. Talk Is Cheap
8. Separate
9. Ac' Piece
10. Passion
11. Infected
12. Interlude - featuring G-Wade
13. Street Sweepers (still sweepin')
14. R.S.V.P.
15. He's Still #1
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