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Country:United States
Info:Andrew Walters is Locke from Seattle, Washington, who made his debut in 2002 with the album Relevance on Know It All Entertainment.

After this the fans had to wait until 2005, when Locke formed an alliance with a jazz band and thus Locke & The Chris Wilson Five was born. The crew released the album Loose Ties in 2005. Before going solo the MC performed with local crew Elderstaar.

The MC can be found on the first edition of the Night Owls compilation in 2001 with the track Morteus Silencia.

Photo by Keegan McClung.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Know It All Entertainment
Info:1. Clear Signal
2. Like It Or Not
3. Only A Moment Away - featuring Braille
4. Aversion (Press Pause)
5. Round The Clock
6. Objects Of The Senses - featuring Ohmega Watts and Smoke
7. Irrelevinterlude
8. Forgotten Laughter
9. Status Quo
10. Every Time - featuring Sleep and Othello
11. Ancient Truths
12. It's Like That
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