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Mike Shelton

Mike Shelton
Country:United States
Releases:[The Campaign] [The Campaign (pre-release)] [Change The Game]
Info:Mike Shelton was born on October 8th 1982 and raised in Fortsmith, Arkansas. He now resides in Fort Smith. Even though he was faced with a lot of adversity in his life. If you wanted to sum Mike's life up with one word it would have to be "survivor". A lot of people ask me all the time why do I do what I do? The MC says: The answer is very simple. "Change the game" meaning to be yourself not what's on TV or what everyone else wants you to be. You have to understand that I haven't always been like this.

My Answer
Growing up I never had a father. Don't know who my father is to this day. As a teen I always found myself searching for that one thing that would fill the holes in my life. I wasn't complete so I thought by having sex before marriage that would be my answer. I thought by stealing, I thought that was my answer. I thought by running with street gangs being accepted I thought that was my answer.

You could always find me in the clubs, gone off dranks and high off drugs... I thought all that was my answer. I thought by me dranking myself to sleep was my answer. I was constantly looking and looking, but it just made me more empty on the inside. One night I'll never forget it, my pastor told me that "God has a calling on my life to go in the ministry" I was like "man this guy has tobe crazy! Only reason I came to church was to holla at women." So I didnt pay much mind to it.

About 3 months later I was at a revival.The man of God preaching that revival I never met him and while he was preaching he stopped in mid sentance, came up to me and told me in front of 300 people that "The Holy Spirit told him to tell me that God is calling me to the ministry." Well that freaked me out a little bit so I asked God in my life...

Well I came to realise really quick that this christian life is hard to do and the life I was living, I wasn't through with it. That was a lie straight from the devil himself. So I quit church, and I went back to my old lifestyle. Well a christian friend of mine tricked me one night, and said there was a rap concert and he wanted me to go so I was like "aight bet.."

Boy Band
Well when we got there, there was a band, that was a "christian boy band", and I got mad b/c I didn't want to listen to some christian backstreet boys. so I went to the very back and just sat there. While they were singing the lead singer told them to turn the music down and walked in the crowd and came straight to me and said "The whole time I was up here singing the Holy Spirit told me to tell you that he is calling you to be in the ministry."

Man I went home and cried and was yelling at God saying "why do you want me!?!?" "I want to do my own thing!" all of a sudden out of nowhere God spoke to me in a real voice and this is what he said "Michael if you get in my will and do what I have called you to do I will take you places you never thought you would go". I'll let you do things you never thought you would do and I'll let you see things you never thought you would see" and that was the night I dedicated myself to God...

I realized all that stuff I was putting in my life was counterfeit, and God was the only thing that could fill the void and the holes in my life. Now you can find me preaching this gospel, and telling people that sex before marriage isn't your answer, drugs isn't your answer, being a part of a gang or a click isn't your answer. God is your answer! I just give God all the Glory for everything.

Mike Shelton released his demo recording "Change the Game" in 2004. His full length debut record "The Campain" is scheduled for 2007.

Shortly after this release Mike Shelton formed a new crew called Tripple Threat with the MCs Trew and Shugg.

Photo: Mike Shelton in action on stage.

Release:The Campaign
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is scheduled for release in 2007.
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Release:The Campaign (pre-release)
The Campaign (pre-release)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Double Threat Entertainment
Info:The album is released in November 2007.
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Release:Change The Game
Change The Game
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Intro
2. Who got that fire
3. Clap ya hands
4. City streets
5. Thank you
6. Who got that fire chopped and screwed
7. Clap ya hands chopped and screwed
8. City streets chopped and screwed
9. Thank you chopped and screwed
10. Outro
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