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Tripple Threat

Tripple Threat
Country:United States
Info:Tripple Threat consists of Mike Shelton, and Trew. The crew started as a trio. But on November 23rd, 2007 it was announced Shugg is no longer part of Tripple Threat. He has decided to part ways with the group after two years.

MC Shugg
Former member Lenny West Jr., also known as Shugg, was born on July 5, 1983 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Lenny was given the nickname "Shugg" by his grandmother, after his grandfather. Like many children these days, Shugg?s mother and father split up. Because their mother was in the Air Force and his father later married and started a new family, Shugg and his sister were forced to live with their grandmother. He left the crew in 2007.

North 8th street
Shugg?s grandmother took on the responsibility of raising the both of them. Shugg began to see the harsh realities of life and soon became infatuated with the ways of his neighborhood on North 8th street.

Not too soon after, Shugg started to running with the neighborhood gang known as the ?Bloods?. His new family showed him love and also showed him how to make some fast money by selling drugs. Shugg later admits that it was all blood money but, through it all his grandmother still took him to church in hopes that the seeds that were planted in him would one day bloom into salvation. Shugg hated going to church, but he didn?t realize God had many great things in store for him.

About the time Shugg was in the seventh grade, popular rappers like Tupac and Twista ruled the airwaves and he idolized them and began to emulate them. A childhood friend, who was a Christian, introduced him to Christian rap and invited him to come to church.

Shugg later gave his life to God. When he entered high school he was sucked back into his old lifestyle, but his Christian friends were still there for him. Later on that year he rededicated his life to Christ and hooked up with long time friends Trew and Mike Shelton and created the new voice of the south, Tripple Threat.

MC Mike Shelton
Mike Shelton also known as the "Mouth Of The South" was born on October 8th 1982 and raised in Fort Smith Arkansas. Growing up in the south, Mike didn?t have your typical suburban upbringing. Drugs, alcohol, and the lack of a father figure in the home drove him to the streets were he started running with a gang.

After years of running with a local gang, committing crimes, getting drunk and high, Mike started to realize there is more to life than the ?street life?. He knew that his lifestyle was empty and he was searching for some answers.

Around this time, a childhood friend invited him to church, and little did Mike know that his answers would be found there. One night a pastor told him that he was called into the ministry. Mike didn?t think anything about it because his focus was on the girls in the church.

About three months later, Mike attended a revival where the man of God was preaching and in the middle of his sermon he spoke these words to Mike: "The Holy Spirit me to tell you that God is calling you to the ministry." At that point, Mike gave his life to God and started to live for God. But, soon after the devil crept in and told Mike that his new lifestyle was too hard to live. So, Mike returned to his old lifestyle.

Once again, God sent a friend to Mike who invited him to a ?rap? concert. To Mike?s surprise, this concert was actually a Christian Pop concert and to say the least, Mike was not interested. But one of the performers heard from God, stopped the concert and spoke directly to Mike, ?The whole time I was up here singing the Holy Spirit told me to tell you that he is calling you to be in the ministry."

Frustrated and confused Mike asked why God chose him and the Lord simply said, ?Michael if you get in my will and do what I have called you to do, I will take you places you never thought you would go and I?ll let you do things you never thought you would do and I?ll let you see things you never thought you would see".

After that encounter, Mike rededicated his life and picked up the mic. He recorded a four-song demo called ?Change the Game?.
Shortly after the success of his demo he hooked with Trew and Shugg and formed the hip hop group ?Tripple Threat?.

MC Trew
Chris Williams also known as Trew grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. At the tender age of seven, his life took a drastic turn. Trew?s parents got a divorce and from that point on, he was shuffled between both parents. His mother who was a God-fearing woman raised him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. He successfully lived his Christian life until his senior year in high school when he was faced with many temptations and eventually yielded to them.

Trew soon started smoking weed and would drink on the weekends. All the while, he was in denial about his lifestyle. He later found himself in an atmosphere where everyone was under the deception that they were untouchable, because of the high life they were living. In the spiritual realm, Satan had him right where he wanted him.

One night at a house party, Trew along with his friend Shugg and a date, were relaxing in the living room when suddenly they heard three shots. Shugg ran to the door as he saw one of his friends fall to the ground. Trew took his date and darted out the back door to take her to safety. Later he realized that Shugg wasn?t behind him. He found Shugg along with others standing over the injured man, who was lying in puddle of blood.

Out of fear and confusion, Trew got everyone into the car and rode off. He later returned to the scene with Shugg and the area was riddled with yellow tape and police. The person, who was shot had died, and this was a defining moment in Trew?s life.

The blur of denial and deception soon turned to focus when Trew realized he needed to change his life. He later rededicated his life to Christ and joined a local rap group. After putting out two successful compilations with the group, Trew received a word from the Lord that it was time to venture out into the realm of being a solo artist.

Cross paths
For a year, Trew had much success and God allowed him to cross paths with Mike Shelton and long time friend Shugg to form the group ?Tripple Threat?.

In 2006 they released their selftitled debut album.

Release:Tripple Threat
Tripple Threat
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released summer 2006.

1. What-cha talkin bout?
2. The anthem
3. Right their
4. Who got that fire (Chopped & Screwed)
5. What-cha talkin bout? (Chopped & Screwed)
6. The anthem (Chopped & Screwed)
7. Oh! (Chopped & Screwed)
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