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Country:United States
Info:Chris Williams also known as Trew grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. At the tender age of seven, his life took a drastic turn. Trew’s parents got a divorce and from that point on, he was shuffled between both parents. His mother who was a God-fearing woman raised him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. He successfully lived his Christian life until his senior year in high school when he was faced with many temptations and eventually yielded to them.

Trew soon started smoking weed and would drink on the weekends. All the while, he was in denial about his lifestyle. He later found himself in an atmosphere where everyone was under the deception that they were untouchable, because of the high life they were living. In the spiritual realm, Satan had him right where he wanted him.

One night at a house party, Trew along with his friend Shugg and a date, were relaxing in the living room when suddenly they heard three shots. Shugg ran to the door as he saw one of his friends fall to the ground. Trew took his date and darted out the back door to take her to safety. Later he realized that Shugg wasn’t behind him. He found Shugg along with others standing over the injured man, who was lying in puddle of blood.

Out of fear and confusion, Trew got everyone into the car and rode off. He later returned to the scene with Shugg and the area was riddled with yellow tape and police. The person, who was shot had died, and this was a defining moment in Trew’s life.

The blur of denial and deception soon turned to focus when Trew realized he needed to change his life. He later rededicated his life to Christ and joined a local rap group. After putting out two successful compilations with the group, Trew received a word from the Lord that it was time to venture out into the realm of being a solo artist.

Cross paths
For a year, Trew had much success and God allowed him to cross paths with Mike Shelton and long time friend Shugg to form the group “Tripple Threat”.

Trew released the solo album Hold Up.

Release:Hold Up
Hold Up
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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