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Educated Figures

Educated Figures
Country:United States
Info:Educated Figures are Courtland Urbano as Xperiment and Josh Williams as Jericho Son of None, this Colorado group is poised to position themselves in the inner pantheon of hip hop's ially conscious history makers.

Not content to simply speak what's on their minds, Jericho and Xperiment, seek to speak what's in their hearts, running the gamut from the current state of hip hop to more complex issues such as family, personal strife, love, and spirituality.

Xperiment and Jericho originally met earlier this year and a bond was solidified within days. Although their ages might tell you otherwise, Jericho's insightful lyrics and commanding stage presence fit perfectly within Xperiment's jazz-centric and melodic beats.

Both Jericho and Xperiment's upbringing have played a pivotal role in both the tone and shape of Educated Figures music as a whole. "Growing up was rough," says Jericho. "When you're in between homes all the time and you're surrounded by drugs with a feeling of being somewhat alone? Things can get dark.

Close Family
Xperiment on the other hand was blessed with a really close family." Although their formative years spent at home couldn't have been more diametrically opposed, both members of Educated Figures had parents who in one shape or another passed on their creative gifts to their children.

Jericho's father was an accomplished blues musician who went by the stage name of Joe Phoenix while Xperiment's father spent large amounts of time drawing and directing commercials. Music in one way or another was also an integral part of both Jericho and Xperiment's home life. "Some of the first things I heard were early classic rock and blues because my dad was quite the musician and I fell into his likes and dislikes. It shaped my early view of music," says Jericho.

Seventies rock
Xperiment's father was also heavily influenced by the rock bands of the seventies. "My dad was huge into Led Zeppelin and they became one of my favorites as they always seemed to be on around the house. My childhood was very artistically influenced both musically and in everything we did as a family.

It kind of revolved around a modern view. I just remember having fun with my family; going on trips and looking at paintings and modern furniture. My dad was always drawing and for me that was the first conduit into creativity. I would go to my dad's commercial shoots and for a long time I thought that I was going to be an actor and eventually a director."

For both Jericho and Xperiment, hip hop provided a medium to express themselves in a way that some of their other creative outlets did not. Xperiment first discovered hip hop through skating. "LMNO was the first artist that really made me sit down and say...I want to do this. I was living in a small town in Colorado by the name of Ouray and I'd watch snowboard videos.
This one happened to be a Forum video, and a song came on called "Grin and Bear It." [Editor: From LMNO, 1999] I think that's what inspired me to start making beats."

Josh on the other hand, being nearly ten years older, experienced a similar metamorphosis with acts such as The Pharcyde. "I started MC-ing at about the age of 15. I thought the song "Runnin" was just a sick track lyrically and it was a huge inspiration," says Jericho. "That was about the same time I started listening to Craig Mack and Biggie. They in turn led me into early Jurassic 5 who were a big influence on me.

I think it was the fact that I was witnessing someone doing something a lot more intellectually stimulating than the rest. From there it was all about Mars Ill, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Madlib, LMNO, Dilated Peoples, and Swollen Members."

Josh and Courtland's first meeting was in their hearts divinely inspired. "The day after I met him, I invited Josh over to my provisional studio at the house and I started playing my beats and Josh was tripping. It was actually Josh that first proposed the idea of joining Educated Figures, which at the time was this little project of mine."

Josh was similarly impressed by the young 17 year-olds talent. "You always see people who say they have talent but Courtland's beats floored me. At 25, I'm asking if I could join his group. It was very humbling, but the music spoke for itself. Age and background meant very little. We saw our vision fulfilled when we met each other

Educated Figures are committed to not only establishing their trademark sound for a wider audience but also living up to their name in a live environment.

State of Hip Hop
According to Xperiment, "the current state of hip hop is great, but there are a lot of things pretending to be hip-hop."Hip hop has been made to be a commercial entity. People don't know what real hip hop is. It almost needs to be called something else because so many things are pretending to be something they're not.

Top 40 Kids
A lot of the Top 40 kids do not know the four elements of hip hop and they're fed these images of what they believe hip hop to be. We'd almost like to have Top 40 kids at our shows if only to provide them the tools to discern what hip hop isn't."

the crew released their debut album on May 13th, 2006. A new album is coming entitled "IntelligentInvention LP" in 2008.

Release:Educated Figures
Educated Figures
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Educated Records
Info:The album is released May 13th, 2006.

1. Intro
2. We are
3. Get It - featuring PAAS
4. No Strings Attached
5. Fight Music
6. Comin' Through - featuring Playdough
7. Interlude
8. Transformer
9. Tomorrow Might Find Me
10. Religious Clones
11. I Tried To Save You
12. Testimony
13. Industry Sins
14. Outro
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