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Foundation, The

Country:United States
Info:The Foundation was the duo Dokument and Jermz. They released one selftitled album, which got them the Tunnel Rats crew membership. Dax had received the record and he showed it to Macho, Raphi and Dert.

The two met at Christ for the Nation Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dokument had a group called Nu Breed and Jermz had a group called M.O.B. At one point they decided to form a "super group" called Top Floor. But as Dokument says: "Eventually the ranks in both our crews thinned out and we were the only two willing to stay in the game." Hence the name The Foundation was born.

Source: Sphereofhiphop.com

Release:The Foundation
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Intro
2. Radioactive
3. This Day
4. What U Believe - featuring Elsie of New Breed
5. Smokescreen
6. The Muscle - featuring Black Rain and MC
7. Who's Stopping Me?
8. Show's and Demo's - featuring Manchild of Mars Ill
9. 50 Fathoms - featuring LPG
10. Elements
11. The Foundation
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