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Country:United States
Info:Ferb is a Brooklyn New York native, that has given his life and his gift back to our father Jesus Christ. He delivers true gospel texture over underground heart felt beats.

Ferb is currently blessing the great state of Oklahoma with his music ministry. He has performed at several churches and venues in the Oklahoma area for numerous teen retreats, and youth conventions. He also is a familiar face at many churches and is a blessing not only to the younger saints but all saints alike.

Skunk Lab Productions
The MC heads Skunk Lab Productions and also works hand in hand with God's Image Productions in Lawton, Oklahoma and produced many of the songs on his debut album.

Ferb released his debut album entitled "Tha Movement on Double Edge Sword Records on June 27th, 2006.

Release:Tha' Movement : A Spiritual Journey Through Everyday Life
Tha' Movement : A Spiritual Journey Through Everyday Life
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Double Edge Sword Records
Info:1. The' Movement Intro - featuring Dr. District Elder Joe R. Williams Sr.
2. Hear My Prayer - featuring Jaelin & Charity
3. Time 4 Church
4. Only God can Judge Me
5. Call His Name - featuring Sabrina
6. Unbelievable - featuring Oatman
7. I Don't Care
8. God and Me
9. Help Me Lord - featuring Jasmine
10. Man of God Feat Gunter (Dedicated to Dr. Pastor Daryl Magee)
11. Dear God - featuring Charity
12. He's Real
13. Smile Again - featuring Katrina & Oatman
14. Ride Out - featuring Josh
15. Ferb's Prayer
16. Sang Boy - featuring Oatman & Gunter
17. Nobody - featuring Porsha
18. Outro (U Can Use Me)
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