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MC Choirboy

MC Choirboy
Country:New Zealand
Releases:[Stories] [Get Inside The Headphones]
Info:MC Choirboy from New Zealand has been rhyming, since 1994 when he first started in the band Tribal Groovers. He was inspired to start when he heard the group SFC and realised that he wanted to rap about reality and issues affecting the youth.

He is member of the hip hop collective Project Zion.

In 1994 Tribal Groovers entered the Smokefree Rock Quest and made the Wellington finals.
In 1996 MC Choirboy aged 17 toured New Zealand with the group Certain Sounds, they were the hardest working band at the time playing three high schools a day 5 days a week (plus big concerts on the weekend) for 11 months. That's how he performed in cities & countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand.

Debut Album
After the tour had finished he started writing for his first album, which was finally released in 2004 entitled "Get Inside The Headphones".

Submitting a track produced by Doughboy to a New Zealand compilation “Gifted and Maori volume 2”

Musical Expression
Music was not a way of life for him but a way of survival & well being as a at risk young person. Like many young people struggling with the system Choirboy also found music performance as a way to express. Using song writing as a way of telling Choirboy’s own stories. His musical journey took him through an experience only artists would be blessed with.

Teaming up with Southgate producers & now super reggae artists Te Omeka & Carl Perkins of House Of Shem. Writing & recording with them in the late 90’s was to be the beginning of a recording career Choirboy now had the hunger for.

Music Experience
Fully entrenched in Wellington’s vibrant music scene Choirboy met, played & recorded with various artists there. Getting him self in the studio to record a demo, "Get inside the Headphones EP" (2004) album made sense to Choirboy as it would later be his launch pad to working with producer Aaron Davey (Doughboy). Later introduced to Urban Pacifika Records hit maker & New Zealand music award winning producer, the late Phillip Fuemana.

Latest project
In 2010 the rapper released the album "Stories".

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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on May 1st, 2010.


1. Love The Music - featuring Fraze
2. All I Had - featuring Mighty Asterix
3. No Doubt - featuring Alphabethead & Blackout
4. Nothin' New 2 Say
5. In Your Area - featuring Zion Project
6. 2 Many
7. Change Me
8. Sold Out
9. Temptation
10. Pure Design
11. The Lost Art
12. Inside Of Me
13. The Love Of Money - featuring Mighty Asterix
14. Time Heals - featuring Big Willz & Doughboy
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Release:Get Inside The Headphones
Get Inside The Headphones
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by James Davis and John Hickson.
Recorded at Forevermore Studios.

1. Problem
2. Fresh M.C
3. Pure Design
4. Family
5. 2 Many
6. The Puzzle
7. Choose
8. Faster U Go
9. Mistakes
10. U Got 2 Have Peace
11. Jandle Blues
12. Change Your Heart
13. Wahine
14. Freshest M.C - instrumental
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