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Country:United States
Info:James Iglesias, also known as Crossfire, was introduced to the world in Los Angeles, California. Like most inner city kids, it wasn’t long before he was exposed to the pull of the mainstream mentality.

The product of a broken home ravaged by drugs, alcoholism and domestic violence, Crossfire followed the masses to find himself only to end up in the traps of reckless relationships and his own drug addiction.

Although his grandmother made sure he grew up in church, Crossfire’s main influence was the culture of the 80’s. He grew up a certified “MTV Kid” learning to love all kinds of music and falling in love with hip-hop in the days of “Krush Groove” and “Beat Street.” Being an only child, he filled his days taping videos and listening to rap for hours, hypnotized by the sounds of everything from A Tribe called Quest and De la Soul all the way to Tupac and N.W.A.

It only took him a few years to see that the weed and the girls just wouldn’t satisfy, and the God he learned about in Sunday school began to mean something. In 1996, he committed to serving Jesus Christ and developed a passion to rescue others from the destructive lifestyles of our generation.

Crossfire abandoned his sinful lifestyle right away and began to learn the ways of God. He realized how much music had shaped his thought pattern and soon found God using him to reach this generation raised by hip hop. In 1997, he began rapping at local churches and events and has been involved in some form of music ministry ever since.

After seeing a need for the Church to be exposed to quality christian music, Crossfire began dee-jaying at local events to promote the hottest Christian talent so believers wouldn’t feel the need to listen to the poison we grew up on.

Crossfire also co-founded the record label Hip Hopposite out of a passion to have a lasting impact within the Gospel Rap ministry. Meeting Jesus has been the defining moment in his life and he is dedicated to spreading the Gospel with every method God leads him in.

In 2005 the DJ hosted the mixtape Big Money Jesus featuring his fellow artists from the Hip Hopposite label.

Release:Big Money Jesus : Hosted By Crossfire
Big Money Jesus :  Hosted By Crossfire
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Hip Hopposite
Info:The album is released August 2005.

1. Big Money Intro
2. Crossfire Intro
3. Bang Bang - Celah, Crossfire, B-Love
4. Lucifer - Celah
5. Feels Good - Ambassador
6. Skit 1
7. Tambourine - Celah
8. Stand, Walk, Dance - 116 Clique
9. Yes It's - Celah, A.P.
10. Gospel Rap - Celah
11. Skit 2
12. Some Do - I.D.O.L. King
13. Caught Up - Gospel Gangstaz
14. Real Food - Celah, L Brown
15. Back Then
16. Church Spirit - Celah
17. Skit 3
18. Untold Truth - The Yuinon
19. Jesus Freaks - A.D., Hillsyde, 2-Eleven, Celah
20. Shot Clock - Phanatik
21. Hip Hopposite Demo
22. Skit 4
23. Things I Did - Crossfire, Celah
24. W.O.W 2006
25. Fatherless - Celah
26. Who You Wit? - Lecrae
27. Skit 5
28. We Worship You - Amabassador
29. For the Summer - Celah
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