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Country:United States
Info:Celah from Los Angeles, California is a MC and producer. His name Celah (say-lah) is a Hebrew notation commonly found in the book of Psalms
that indicates a stop or pause in music. It's purpose is to give the listener an opportunity to digest what has been said.

Debut Album
His debut solo project "Color Outside the Lines" is scheduled for release in the summer of 2006. The record is more than just an artistic or spiritual expression. It is a charge to the holy hip hop community to step up their game both creatively and spiritually. "We need to step it up on and off the stage," says Celah. "Some of us need to spend more time with the God we rhyme about and others just need to stop rhyming period."

At first glance, Celah's sentiments may seem harsh, but they are rooted in love and in his desire to truly make an impact for Christ. He believes holy hip-hop MCs shouldn't strive to be marketable, but should rather strive to leave their mark. A rising creative force in LA's holy hip-hop community, Celah also encourages MCs to pursue excellence, be creative, and have fun with the art form.

Nameless Fellowship
In addition to music, Celah co-leads The Nameless Fellowship with MCs L. Brown and Tripll H from the G-Boy Union and holy hip-hop legend IDOL King. The Nameless Fellowship was designed to unite and sharpen gospel MCs on the West Coast and provide a place where they can come together for support, accountability and prayer.

Prior to his solo career, Celah was a member of Disciples of the Most High (DOMH), with whom he recorded the holy hip-hop EPs Warface and DOMH-What's the Name?

Celah is also a member of Covenant Blessing Fellowship and participates in NewSong Los Angeles' The Shaw ministry. The Shaw is working to plant a church in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles and operates Klub Zyon, a hip-hop/spoken word outreach ministry designed to bring secular and Christian artists face to face. "We have to do our part in what God has given us to do in hip hop and that's not blowing up, but glorifying His name and giving an accurate depiction of Him."

Today, Celah is signed to the newly formed record label Hip Hopposite, which released the mixtape Big Money Jesus featuring Celah and other holy hip-hop artists in August 2005.

The album "Color Outside the Lines" is his first release for Hip Hopposite in 2007.

Release:Color Outside the Lines
Color Outside the Lines
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Hip Hopposite
Info:The album is released on April 17th, 2007.
Production by DJ Heat, Sound Doctrine & Celah.
Guest appearances by IDOL King, APX, Crossfire,
Edmandah, Lavoisier, and Blove.

1. Gray
2. Off White
3. Purple - featuring IDOL King
4. Gold
5. Brown - featuring APX & Crossfire
6. Tan
7. Green
8. Blue - featuring Crossfire
9. Black
10. Silver
11. Red - featuring Lavoisier & Crossfire
12. Orange
13. Yellow
14. Peach
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