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DJ Primo

DJ Primo
Country:United States
Releases:[Ridin Slow : Chopped & Screwed (mixtape)] [Chopped Up! : Compilation Volume 1]
Info:DJ Primo is from Mexico, but now resides in Houston, Texas. He made several mixtapes. Even though his name Primo is also a street name for a certain type of drug. Primo is simply Spanish for cousin and when it was time to choose his name he stayed close the hip, because many called him Primo anyway.

Maximum Effort
DJ Primo believes that in all things you do for God, you should want to give it your all. Go that extra mile or put forth maximum effort to accomplish whatever task is at hand. Through his walk with Christ, he has tried to attain that goal. His walk started in 1997. He had experienced a broken home with his mom and dad divorcing.

He went through trials and tribulations growing up in the midst of drama in Mexico. He questioned God time and time again about why things were happening the way they were. He would eventually move to Houston and that was where he took his first step in Christianity. Yes, he was Catholic in the beginning but it left a void that needed to be filled. Once in Houston, he had an aunt that would ask him time and time again to come to church with her.

He was open to going but never took her up on it. One day he gave in to her and he went to church with her. His world was thrown for a loop at what he saw. He had never experienced worship service like this and he was drawn to it. He saw worship at it's best and it had him captivated. He noticed that his Christian cousins had fun.

He never associated Christians and fun together, but he now sees being Christian in a whole new light. He had to warm up to the Christian music, but once he did he was hooked. Like the rest of us Christians, ”Amazing Grace,” took a hold of his soul and caressed it ever so gently. It did it to the point that when the song was being sung in church it moved him to tears. Not to let his pride go that easy, he went to the back of the church to not be seen.

At the mere mention of “saved a wretch like me.” The flood gates were open and he cried as a picture of Jesus Christ on the cross flashed in his mind. At that moment he asked God to make things clear for him and show him that he was real. Over time of having bible studies and reading the bible for himself, DJ Primo began to realize the how real God really was. One day at altar call at an alternative event to Halloween that was taken place at his church, he could no longer fight God’s plan and he made that first step in his walk with Christ.

He gave his life to the Lord at that moment with his arms raised high. A year later, in 1998 his dad had a stroke and now he found himself needing to take care of a household. After trying to make ends meet working for a couple of years, he decided to join the army and he did so in the year 2000. He saw his journey take him from South Carolina to Virginia and then eventually to Ft. Hood.

It was there that he was deployed to go fight in the war. He spent 3 months in Iraq, 6 months in Kuwait and then 3 more months in Iraq. So he had first hand knowledge of the destruction of war. Through the grace of God no one in his unit lost a life, but he knew others were not as fortunate. Being a Christian in a war is tough, but he was at peace, because he knew that God was in control. He had met the people of the country and heard the stories of what Saddam had done to families and loved ones. The destruction and lives lost was all he heard but yet in still he knew God’s purpose outweighed what had taken place.

He began to feel like he was out there for a reason. Not only did he talk to the people of Iraq and Kuwait, but he was also working hand in hand with some medical workers from Thailand. During down time they would pick up a soccer ball and play soccer. It was through this common game that language barriers were broken and DJ Primo saw an opportunity to minister.

He knew he probably would never make it to Thailand to spread the gospel, but through these medical workers the seed was planted and he knew that was the beginning. His love of Jesus extended past our borders and into foreign lands where Christianity isn’t something that is being preached or understood. DJ Primo let's nothing stand in his way as he spreads the gospel to all that have an ear.

One day he has hopes of going to Africa and spread the Gospel, because his heart is being led by the Holy Spirit. He knows that many are lost and are dying with no relationship they can speak of just pain, death and suffering. DJ Primo understands that because last year he experienced a little of all of them.

Last year, he was to be sent back to Iraq and he wanted no part of it. He was married now and him and his wife recently lost their baby boy that was born prematurely. He let his superiors in the army know he did not want to go back and he prayed to God for help. Help came in the form of a bad accident that he was in, but it stopped him from going to Iraq as his spot was given to another. God also replaced the baby boy with a beautiful baby girl and DJ Primo knew for a fact that God was still in control.

He is currently out of the military. He is now honing his DJ skills as he prepares for his next step in life. Being influence by the likes of Cross Movement, Nuwine, Lil Raskull and the Tunnel Rats, he has taken his love for Christian hip hop to a whole new level. So much so that when he does his mixtapes, he uses Christian artist and Christian made beats only.

He believes that there is so many good Christian producers out there that we don’t need to use secular artists beats. He will only use his talents to glorify God so you won’t catch him putting it down for secular cats.

One thing you can know for sure that no matter what he does he will, “Do all things with Excellence.”

He mixed (on) several albums:
- 116 Clique - The Compilation Album : Special Edition : Chopped & Screwed (2006).
- Knine - Born Again : Chopped & Skrewed (2006).
- Da Click - Southern Prayers : Screwed & Chopped (2007)
- Excelsius - The Final Evolution : Screwed & Chopped
- Much Luvv : Then... & Now! (2007)
- Rawsrvnt - Chopped & Screwed (2008)

The DJ also features on the albums:
- Excelsius: The Final Evolution (2006)
- Excelsius: In Conjunction (2007)

New projects
The DJ will be working a lot with the SGR Music Group doing their mixtapes and the next one coming out is Big Nate's mixtape.

Writer: Cederick “Senderofblessings” Stewart.

Release:Ridin Slow : Chopped & Screwed (mixtape)
Ridin Slow : Chopped & Screwed (mixtape)
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released in June 2009 as a free download.

1. DJ Primo Intro
2. No Compromise - Sean Slaughter featuring Papa San
3. Rest of My Days - Big Al featuring Canton Jones
4. Bows Up - Rawsrvnt featuring Pettidee
5. Flip Side Trapeze - Cy
6. Bottom of The 9th - Knine featuring B.Reith
7. It’s Nineteen - Braille
8. What It Do - M-Session featuring Twiny Twin (Of SOM)
9. He Got It - Khul Rhema
10. Real - SOM featuring ICECE
11. Swaggerdaddy - Mouthpiece
12. You Fly - BLUE
13. Dope Tales - Bless’t featuring Gangsta Loc & OO7
14. Ready For War - Gifted featuring Von Won
15. Walk It Like I’m Changed - FEDEL
16. Supa Strait - Andale
17. Air Jordan - K-Drama
18. He Reigns - Ras
19. Changed Man - OldHead featuring Joint Heirs
20. Yes We Can - Tre-9
21. 26s - Tedashii featuring Lecrae
22. I’m A Vet - Pettidee
23. My Lane - Dre Murray
24. Take Me Out - RBS featuring FOE & Von Won
25. Greatest Warfare -The Warriors
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Release:Chopped Up! : Compilation Volume 1
Chopped Up! : Compilation Volume 1
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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