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Country:United States
Info:Chozen was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since the age of 4. When he reached his teenage years he got a little more freedom to explore and see what the world was really about.

As the MC states "I made friends with people I'm still friends with today I just don't hang out with them like I use to. When I did hang out with them we did what the typical city kids that weren't shown enough attention would do, smoke weed, sell drugs and steal. It made life seem not so boring."

Later on down the road he met his wife and received 3 children. When they had their first baby his wife was already attending a church and the couple wasn't married. Chozen says: "Looking back at my life and the experiences I went through I did not want my son to follow in my foot prints. So that's when I decided to make the change and give my life to Jesus Christ. Now I have a ministry in music and God is doing big things with my life."

His debut album Feel What I Feel is released on All4Souls Music in 2006.

Release:Feel What I Feel
Feel What I Feel
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:All4Souls Music
Info:The album is released July 17th, 2006.
Production by Bobby Ewing, Godsent, E-Dub, Jared, Los.
Gues appearances by Prodigal Son, Godsent, Mimi, Jared, Abstract and Jay The Nomad

1. Never Thought
2. Eyes On Him
3. Ryder
4. Urgent
5. Good Life
6. Soon 2 Be Over
7. Never Leave U
8. We All Know
9. Like Christ
10. Feel What I Feel
11. Misunderstood
12. Fall On Me
13. Dead Mans Land
14. Cypher
15. Christ Is Coming
16. Reppin Jesus
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