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BLUE (Born Living Unpredictable Ending)

BLUE (Born Living Unpredictable Ending)
Country:United States
Releases:[Times Change] [Listen]
Info:B.L.U.E is Michael Smith from Austin, Texas born on May 10th, 1982. The acronym B.L.U.E. stands for Born Living Unpredictable Ending. B.L.U.E is a MC and producer, who illustrates life issues through various styles of music and poetic lyrics.

Housing Projects
B.L.U.E himself was once a young hard head, who went by the name of Lil’ Boy Blue, and hung out in two of the toughest housing projects of North and South Austin with members of the Insane Gangster Crips.

Make Money
B.L.U.E shot dice to make money, rolled with crack dealers, and started smoking pot at
the age of 11. But all that would change in a few years when B.L.U.E gave his life to Christ.

The MC started rapping at the age of 4, writing at the age of 7, and began his rap career at the age of 11, doing local shows and events (i.e. Austin’s First Black Expo, Rap for Safety, Juneteenth). He has since won 1st runner up in a national televised event, called Gospel Dreams, which gave him a chance to appear on BET. He was
also nominated for two awards at the 2005 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards.

In 1998, B.L.U.E signed to A-Town Variety Records Inc, and created a crew of young
rappers by the name of PMC also known as the Playa Made Clique. During this time B.L.U.E was
already saved, but fame and popularity caused him to straddle the fence at times. He wrote and co-produced albums for his label mates, ICE and Cin-A-Mon, and opened up for various artist such as 2 Live Crew, Lil Flip, Smackola, Jaheem, Ying Yang Twins, and Juvenile just to name a few.

Deep in his heart he knew that what he was doing was not glorifying God and decided to leave the label in 2002 to began his new career in what some might call Holy Hip Hop. B.L.U.E just calls it “Keepin’ It Real.” Since making his biggest decision in life, to serve the almighty, B.L.U.E has joined the Austin Holy Hip Hop Alliance.

He founded his crew and ministry organization the Holy Souljaz. They have the following mission statement: Holy Souljaz are spiritually designed warriors, that desire to put on the full armor of God daily, and take evangelism to the next level of ministry.

B.L.U.E. released his debut album “Listen,"
which was nominated best underground album of the year at the 2005 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards. The MC released his sophomore record Time Changes in July 2006.

Release:Times Change
Times Change
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by L. White.
Guest appearances by L. White, Rugged, Dejon, Benn Clark, PI, XL, Victorious, Welyin Thompson, Myke Johnson, Free, C-Now, Styxx, Q, Big Steve and Lil Johnny.

1. Extra Extra
2. One Block
3. B.L.U.E.
4. Times Change
5. Love Of My Life
6. Memphis & Harvey
7. It Ain't Me
8. Public Service Anouncement
9. We Go Hard
10. Street Ministry
11. Holla At My God
12. Square Biz
13. PAIN
14. You Fly
15. The Blood
16. Shout Outs
17. We Go Hard (rmx) (bonus track)
18. Can U Feel It (bonus track)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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