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Country:United States
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Info:The MC is born in Jamaica, raised in Maryland and currently residing in Florida. Presently known as KD3, David C. Bryan is on an all out musical mission to reach "the future" with God's Word.

In the words of KD3, "God has called me to the highways and the byways, therefore; I will always preach the gospel but untraditionally wrapped it up in some heart pounding bass!"

Growing up in a household of musicians (Mom, Dad, six brothers and two sisters), David is no stranger to the world of music and entertainment. Within the last few months alone, KD3 has taken first place in a local "Apollo" style talent show, and has performed in many concerts all along the east coast.

On Stage
He has shared the stage with many major artists, including Fred Hammond in Atlanta and Mary-Mary in Baltimore. And he's preparing for an international conference in Africa.

Debut album
In March 2005 he celebrated the release of his debut album entitled "Giant Slayer".

Release:Giant Slayer
Giant Slayer
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Intro
2. Stand Up
3. Shakedown
4. Giant Slayer
5. Thank You
6. Party With Me
7. Soldiers
8. Chop Suey
9. Fire
10. Wanna Be
11. For As Many
12. Outro
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