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Clay, Da

Clay, Da
Country:United States
Info:James Albert Owens is Da Clay. He is born in Greensboro, North Carolina as son of Albert and Pamela Owens. He has a younger brother ( Michael Owens) and two half sisters (Shaunta and Corina Owens ).

He's married to Teri Nicole Owens and they currently reside in North Carolina. The MC entered into the United States Army in June 2000. In October 2004-October 2005 he was deployed to Iraq. Da Clay got saved in August of 2004 in Killeen, Texas at a church called Transforming Life Fellowship Ministries.

The MC signed to Double Edge Sword Records in August 2006. Upon the signing with his new label Da Clay stated "Itís kind of like looking for a new church home after transferring jobs to another city. It is God's will that I continue his ministry, so in order to do that I had to find a sanctified ministry to dwell. And this label fits perfectly because I needed some people that truly had a heart of God that they would feed me all knowledge and wisdom in order to accurately put the Word in God's people hands professionally."

Besides his first recording a five track EP the MC released his full length debut album entitled: "Genesis : My Life After His Death" on Double Edge Sword Records in 2007.

Release:Genesis : My Life After His Death
Genesis : My Life After His Death
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Double Edge Sword Records
Info:The album is released on October 30th, 2007.

1. Lords Prayer
2. My Life After His Death
3. Miracles
4. Ain't Runnin No Mo
5. Saved and Serious - featuring Apaulsoul
6. The Answer Poem
7. You Can't Stop Me
8. War of the Worlds Remix - featuring Tiffane'
9. Who you Represent - featuring Mr.Q and Puntin
10. Change
11. A Letter to Hip Hop
12. We Need Pilgrims - featuring Apostle and Prophetess Gregory and Sheryl Burns
13. Wealthy or Not - featuring Splittt Personality
14. Dats the Gospel - featuring UnknowN
15. Highest Praise
16. Worship
17. Focus
18. Bonus Track
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