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Country:United States
Info:Joe Ethek McElroy was born on May 6, 1976 in the small town of Dardanelle, Arkansas. Joe grew up facing the normal challenges of adolescents and teens. Joe became involved in alcohol, sex and drugs at a rather early age.

Joe, who had grown up in church, realized that there was a need in his life that wasn't being met by the life that he was living.
After making it home one night in an extremely intoxicated state and waking up not remembering the trip, Joe finally decided to dedicate his life to Christ.

Joe began working as a youth minister at a small church in his hometown of Clute, Texas where he had moved with his family. Joe hosted outreaches and became very involved in the Holy Hip Hop Culture.
After one of these outreaches, Joe met Ricky Truvine Christmas, whom Joe told, I love the rap that you're doing I wish I could do that. Truvine responded with Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Within two weeks Joe had written two songs, and appeared on stage for the first time.
While looking for a quality studio, Joe met Jacob Abshire BDI of the Houston based group Nuk Ruk. Within a couple of months of recording, Jacob asked Joe to join the group which he accepted. In 1999 Nuk Ruk signed a recording contract with R.E.S. Records owned by Richard Hunt of Red E Productions, a prominent video production company out of Houston. Joe was also offered and accepted a solo contract by the same company.

R.E.S. would be distributed through Avalon Music Distributors. Just as the first record was to release RESsurection Compilation (2000), Avalon Distributors went bankrupt, which in-turn closed the doors of R.E.S. Records.

Ethek talked with several labels, none of which have really felt right. Until in August 2006 it was announced that, the MC is the new addition to the roster of Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records (MLA Records).

The MC has done collaborations with people like Tony Stone, Freddie Bruno and Fiti Futuristic, Playdough and others.

Ethek has also worked with producers such as Tony Stone, Fred B, Playdough, BDI and Garlic Brown and others.

Ethek from Texas will release his debut album The Introduction through Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records on October 3rd, 2006.

Release:The Introduction
The Introduction
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records
Info:The album will be released on October 3rd, 2006.

1. Intro
2. Right Now - cuts by DJ Idull
3. Know our Names - featuring Max Deizal
4. Five O - interlude
5. Precinct - featuring Playdough
6. Self Help
7. City - featuring Sev Statik
8. Cave In
9. There for You
10. Don't Tell Me - featuring Knine
11. Never Known
12. One Shot - interlude
13. Going Down
14. New Song - featuring Amongst the Feeble and DJ Dlite
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