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Country:United States
Info:SirWiLZ from Austin, Texas began writing rhymes and creating visual art (painting, drawing,etc.) at a very early age. He fell in love with drawing, when a childhood injury put his right hand out of commision for a couple of weeks.

The MC states about his love for music: "I grew up making music just for fun, just because I liked witty catchphrases and emotional prose. It sort of added substance to my identity and made conversation fun. Later, I entered college at University of Texas, located in Austin, live music capital of the world, as a studio art major and used music as an escape from studies."

He is now pursuing a degree in radio-TV-film and is a DJ for a radio show on KVRX.

His music making is currently a primary focus, as he says: "I have come to find that it is more than simply entertainment, it is a piece of my purpose. My music is inspired by my personal relationship with the creator, my views on life, and a healthy balance between cultural tradition, whitty fun, and reconstrutive anthems."

SirWiLZ released the Bust Back Mixtape with DJ DLite in November 2006.

Release:SirWiLZ & DJ D-Lite present : Bust Back Mixtape
SirWiLZ & DJ D-Lite present : Bust Back Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on November 17th, 2006.
Additional mixing by DJ D-Lite.
Artwork by Scott Edwards, of Inventors By Design.

Chapter 1: Community Service

1. Arrival of The Fittest - SirWiLZ and DJ Duy Do
2. I'm Sorry - LouiSerlo
3. Nobody Leavin' - Bavu Blakes
4. Play The Role (Statewide RMX) - Bavu Blakes featuring Paul Wall
5. Part of The Plan - Tee Double
6. Jamosa Drop - Jamosa
7. Alright - Jamosa
8. Last Days - JRT Bishop
9. FIVEtwelve - Concept7
10. God Knows - Saul Paul
11. You Don't - Damon O'

Chapter 2: SirWiLZ At Your Service

12. People's Champ Intro - SirWiLZ and Paul Wall
13. Try-Lingual : A Trend Productions Experiment - SirWiLZ
14. Posterchild - SirWiLZ and IntriQue
15. The Melon Man - SirWiLZ and DJ D-LITE
16. No Game (50 Bars of Mahem) - SirWiLZ
17. Here We Go Again - SirWiLZ and MiNDSTYLE
18. Stand Tall - LouiSerlo
19. Daddy's Little Virgin (Bonus Track) - SirWiLZ
20. No Game (Bonus Track) (exclusive EXODUS screwed & chopped RMX)
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