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Country:United States
Releases:[Heata] [Igniting Tha Fire]
Info:Heata is a national recording gospel rapper and minister from Dallas, Texas. He has had the opportunity to minister alongside T-Bone, KJ-52, Red Cloud, NuWine, Grits, Salvador and many more.

Heata's debut album "Igniting Tha Fire" was nationally released in February of 2005 through Word Distribution. Heata's sophomore album selftitled will be released in the Summer of 2007. The MC does not make use of the label Groove Sound Records for this album. The selftitled album was initially called "Consumed".

The MC will also release a compilation "Cali-Tex Connect" together with Brother IG in 2007.

His desire is that through his rhymes, the Holy Spirit is moved & will turn lives around for the honor & glory of our Almighty Father. Far too many Christian artists say that they dont want to preach at anyone, they only want to witness by their lifestyle. Heata does witness by his lifestyle, but the fact is most people will only see about an hour of his lifestyle.

Evangelistic Rapper
Heata is an evangelistic rapper that is not afraid to say what he is about. The music that Heata brings, draws people closer to God. His lyrics have depth & meaning. Heata expects every rhyme to preach, teach, and encourage.

Two Roles
He believes that there are two roles that he has as a Christian artist: One as an entertainer, amd two as a believer. It is important that he is able to get the crowd involved in what is going on. But, it is more important to fulfill his obligation as a believer, both on stage & off.

This is the MC's testimony: "From the time I was conceived, the Lord had special plans for me. Knowing this, Satan had set out to destroy me at birth. Doctors told my parents, they would have to choose between my mother and me. They claimed we both wouldn't make it through my birth, but God had different plans for our lives and we both survived!! (Listen to "Just In Time" song on the "Igniting tha fire" album)."

Heata continues: "Satan used many things in my life to keep me astray. As an young teenager I began talking to Quija boards and praying to Satan. I began to get involved with drugs, gangs & violence. I saw many of my friends die as a result of this lifestyle. Knowing that my future was going no where and feeling empty inside, I turned my life to Jesus Christ."

True Encounter
Heata states further: "It was then that I began to experience a true encounter with Christ. Learning of the calling I had on my life, I completely surrendered my talents to the Lord. Once I let the Lord take control of everything, the doors began to open, thus confirming that this was the Lords will for my life."

On august 14th, 2007 Heata announced he is named "3HC National Recording Artist of the Year" in 2007. 3HC is an event put on by Carolyn Robinson of Destiny and Purpose Ministries.

Sources: MySpace bulletin: Heata Named National Recording Artist of the Year!, august 14th, 2007.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2007.
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Release:Igniting Tha Fire
Igniting Tha Fire
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Groove Sound Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Victory
3. Refuse To Bow
4. Fired Up
5. I'm About
6. Igniting Tha Fire
7. Hata Radio
8. Lay It Down
9. 2 Roads
10. H2O
11. Kick Door
12. God?
13. Regocijate
14. Plankeye
15. Saved In Time
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