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Country:United States
Info:Antha Rodgers from St. Louis, Missouri is REdNOTE. The MC is signed to Cross Breed Imprints in June 1997.

His debut album Da Last Boy Scout CD.1 : Scout Law is released by Cross Breed Imprints on May 30th, 2006. REdNOTE is also featured on Jeremiah "KRy" Jackson's debut album "My Hope" (2005).

New Project
His sophomore recording entitled Da Last Boy Scout CD.2 : Scout Oath is REdNOTE's next project.

Release:Da Last Boy Scout : CD1 Scout Law
Da Last Boy Scout : CD1 Scout Law
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Cross Breed Imprints
Info:The album is released on 30th May, 2006.

1. Commercial
2. Special Feature - "Free" by KRy
3. Intro
4. Scout Law
5. Can't Repay Thee
6. Joy (Original)
7. If I Was a Gangsta
8. Interlude
9. W.I.F.E
10. Established
11. Best of Me
12. Interlude
13. Mercy (Raw)
14. I Ain't Scared
15. Abide in Thee
16. Represent St. Louis
17. uHm hUm
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