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Country:United States
Releases:[Child of the King] [Child of the King EP]
Info:Justin-Credible residing in Carol City, Florida
is born as Justin Oíneal Francis on September 22, 1987. He is the fourth and youngest child born to Bishop James & Edna Francis of Monument of Faith Ministries.

His family moved from the Bronx, New York to Miami, Florida to advance their family life. Early in school, Justin skipped his first grade. This has helped him to mature at a faster rate than most of his peers. As a pastorís son, he was born into the church and was very lively, even from his first year of life. From then the Lord had his hand on Justinís life.

Justin-Credible began playing the drums when he was only eleven months old. Justin started knocking on pots, pans, night tables, lamps and beds using pens and pencils as sticks. By the time Justin turned 3, he started to play at his church as a drummer and by age 5, he became the main drummer.

He accepted Christ at four years old, and was baptized at the age of five and immediately began singing on his church choir.
Professionals and prophetic preachers told him that he had a great calling on his life. Tony Bennettís road manager affirmed this, so did Lavern Tripp when he came to minister at his church.

Justin is a serious Christian and makes no apology for the anointing on his life. The first message he preached was when he was only seven years old, and he continues to preach messages with bibliocentric knowledge and clarity. Even during school, many of his friends have witnessed his unwavering faith in God, and have seen a difference in his life, compared to the lewd and disrespectful life lived by the majority of teens and his peers.

Talent Contests
Justin has won many awards from the junior talent and Teen Talent competitions and has participated at the Regional, State, and International levels in drums, ensembles, writing, art, and choir.

He began rapping, and also wrote his first song at age 11. He began producing, and created his first instrumentals as early as 13. He also plays the trumpet and, the saxophone.

His main inspirations to do gospel music are
Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, Hezekiah Walker, Cross Movement, (Ambassador, and Phanatik), Pettidee, Prodigal Son and B.B. Jay.

Justin's vision is to be a gospel hip-hop evangelist/producer: to reach souls and touch lives. He believes every prophecy made on his life, and is ready to do whatever it takes for his voice to be heard.

Justin-Credible has opened up for such artists as Tonex, Papa San, T-Bone, Pretty Ricky, Junior Tucker, Pettidee, and many more. Justin-Credible's singles are being played on local radio stations. He has received International invitations including the Church of God International Carib-fest in Freeport Bahamas.
He has also ministered at the Annual Holy Hip-Hop Artist Showcase and Awards in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2004, Justin-Credible began being mentored by Prodigal Son, and is an associate of Holy-wood Records.

In 2006 his full length album Child of the King was released on Holy-wood Records.

Release:Child of the King
Child of the King
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Holy-Wood Records
Info:The album is released on May 12th, 2006.

1. Incredible (Intro)
2. Stomp
3. Holyghost Party - featuring Prodigal Son
4. Bear the Cross
5. King of Kings - featuring Ordinary
6. Guide Me
7. Bridging the Gap
8. The Battlefield
9. Power - featuring Cherri D.
10. 100 Percent
11. Free - featuring G-Quinn
12. Jesus is Coming Soon
13. Ride With JC
14. Doing My Best - featuring R.O.D.
15. Prayer of Salvation
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Release:Child of the King EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Holy-Wood Records
Info:The EP is released December 23rd, 2005.
Guest appearances by Prodigal Son (Kelly O. Williams) and R.O.D.

1. Bear the Cross
2. Stomp
3. Doing My Best - featuring R.O.D.
4. Holyghost Party - featuring Prodigal Son
5. Outro
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