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Shaun B. & Wut Metaphysical

Country:United States
Info:Pinnacle Rhythms producer Shaun B., who brought you the Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty (SOTSA) album (2004 compilation album of the year - Sphere of hip-hop) will be collaborating with fellow Shadow of the Locust artist via the MC known as Wut Metaphysical.

Shaun B. (Pinnacle Rhythms) known not only for his work as the executive producer on the SOTSA album has also been known for his numerous production on hit MTV programs such as: Making the Band, The Real World, Road Rules, and all the RW vs. RR challenge spin-off's.

Wut Metaphysical, recently out with his hot selling debut album titled 'Last of the Metaphysical Poets' (2006) has been a new face to the SOTL camp and has been continuing to charge fourth with touring appearances, battle cuircuts, and radio singles with much success.

Collaborative project
Excitingly, these two artists have recently announced that a collaborative project is now in the works by way of a split EP.

Shaun B. (Pinnacle Rhythms) will be of course contributing all of the production on the album laying the soundscape while Wut Metaphysical will undoubtably rock the mic bringing truthful lyrics and insightful content on what promises to be a stellar collaboration.

Pinnacle Rhythm's Shaun B. and Wut Metaphysical announce the highly anticipated producer/MC collaboration project "Death Be Not Proud" is to hit stores in September of 2008. Stay up-to-date on their respective websites and myspaces for details as well as www.locustfist.com for more info.

Release:Death Be Not Proud
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The record is scheduled for release in September of 2008.
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