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Suave' The Messenger

Suave' The Messenger
Country:United States
Info:Suave' The Messenger is born in Detroit and schooled in the realities of life in one of the toughest communities in the Midwest, Benton Harbor, Michigan, music became a natural way of expression for Suave`.

Rap Music
Like many young black men, rap music hits the center of their world. The same was true for Suave`. Experiencing the loss of family and friends from the hands of gang violence, drugs, and the glorification that street life portrays, Suave` felt compelled to use his natural talents as an entertainer as a way to escape the violence and embrace his gift.

Music became a contagious passion for Suave` and aided him in developing a mastery of skills on the piano, percussions, and synthesizer. He capitalized on his talents by hitting the west coast hard. Impressing industry professionals, and monopolizing the indie artist world in California. They wondered where this combination of rap, dancer, and singer extraordinaire had been hiding.

The Return
After experiencing a little west coast flavor, Suav returned to the Midwest. His success in California gained the respect of Michigan music professionals in the secular and non-secular arenas. performing solo to standing room only crowds directing and coordinating youth musical groups.

Debut album
His underground sales of the debut album,"Mans Religion" hit over 1,000.

Suave' The Messenger signed to the label of Ricky B's B4 Entertainment in 2006.

His new project will be released on B4 Entertainment in May 2007. No albumtitle is known as of yet.

Release:Man's Religion
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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