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Gotee Records

Gotee Records
Info:The founders of the label Gotee Records are Todd Collins, Joey Elwood and Toby McKeehan. Tod Collins has sold his share in 2001 to start Beatmart Recordings. Toby McKeehan is besides a producer better known as the solo artist TobyMac plus a member of DC Talk. Joey Elwood still produces records, besides being Gotee's president.

In 2002 EMI took a 25 percent share in Gotee Records. This includes a distribution agreement with Chordant Distribution, EMI's distribution arm. EMI will also provide corporate finance and business affairs support to the label. The publishing interests of Gotee are not a part of the acquisition, but EMI Christian Music Publishing will continue to be the exclusive administrator of Gotee's publishing catalog.

The first hip hop artists signed to the label were Grits, John Reuben and Knowdaverbs. Later to be followed in the new millenium by DJ Maj, LA Symphony, Mars ILL and Deepspace5.

Source EMI news: gospelcity.com
Address:1881 Gen George Patton Drive
Zipcode:TN 3706
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Erace Gotee Brothers - Erace
The boy vs the cynic John Reuben - The boy vs the cynic
The Syllabus (single) Knowdaverbs - The Syllabus (single)
The Ringleader DJ Maj - The Ringleader
Factors of the seven GRITS - Factors of the seven

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