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Syntax Records

Syntax Records
Info:This label is founded by the brothers Steve and Tim Trudeau in 1997. After ending up with debts due to the fact that their old distributor the Butterfly-Diamante Music Group suddenly went bankrupt in 2004 they worked hard to keep the label going and to pay their creditors.

Syntax Records is therefore still around and one of the most mainstream succesful Holyhiphop labels with songs being licensed for movies, sites and commercials.

Digital only
On May 30th, 2006 the dance album of Shane Newville entitled Formless is the first digital only release by Syntax Records.

Syntax Records almost made a deal with Sony distribution for RedCloud's album Hawthorne's Most Wanted. But the label ended up bringing the whole Syntax catalogue to a bigger distributor.

Koch Distribution
Syntax has chosen Koch Entertainment Distribution (press release Koch - December 16th, 2006) to bring their products to the market place. Koch is the largest independent music and video distributor in North America and holds the highest market share of any independent. In 1991, Koch revolutionized independent music distribution by becoming the first national independent distributor of domestic labels in the U.S., offering the first alternative to the traditional system of regional independent distribution or national major label distribution.

So the label seems to be back on top and 2007 will be their return to form, when several new albums are ready for release. The first album through Koch Distribution is the compilation Night Owls 3, released in Spring 2007.

The site of the label is renewed and launched in July 2007, without the forum.

Nominations: Albums
Syntax Records received for the first time a nomination for one of their albums, LA Symphony is nominated for "Unleashed" (2007) in the category "Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year" at the 39th Annual GMA Dove Awards 2008. Syntax Records president and co-founder Tim Trudeau states: "We are glad to share this honor with LA Symphony. We started around the same time and have been able to watch each other grow in our various circumstances. To get this nomination when we finally got to work together is enjoyable."

Awards: Label
The awards ceremony All Eyes On Me (AEOM) celebrated the best in positive hip hop in Houston Texas on June 20th and 21st, 2008. Held at Copperfield Church, the newly revamped awards show saluted Syntax Records with top honors. Formerly focusing on Texas, the AEOM Achievement Awards took a national spin this year, bringing artists together from New York to California in the name of hip-hop. In 2008, AEOM gave Syntax Records the mantle of "Pioneer Classic Record Label".

On July 18th, 2007 (Los Angeles, California) it was announced that "Up At Nite Records" is the new rock imprint of Syntax Records, created by the pacesetters behind JoshuaFest and Cornerstone California.
The Los Angeles based rock band Transistor Radio released the first album on the imprint, their debut album "A Legacy Between", on August 28th, 2007.

On October 18th, 2007 Hudson Entertainment and Syntax Distribution announce an exclusive Mobile Deal. Continuing it's practice of bringing all genres of popular music to the mobile market, Hudson Entertainment announced an exclusive deal with Syntax Distribution to distribute ringtones, ringbacks, full-length tracks and videos from the label’s hottest contemporary Rock, Christian, Gospel and Hip Hop artists.

Sources: Syntaxrecords.com: Founders of JoshuaFest, Cornerstone California & Syntax start rock imprint, July 18th, 2007.
Address:2766 Citronella Avenue
Zipcode:CA 9194
City:Lemon Grove
Country:United States
Phone:+ 619-312-4586
Fax:+ 619-312-4587
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Joshua fest 2005 Various Artists - Joshua fest 2005
Traveling Circus (enhanced version) RedCloud - Traveling Circus (enhanced version)
Is this thing on? RedCloud - Is this thing on?
Night Owls One :  Nocturnal Doctrine Various Artists - Night Owls One : Nocturnal Doctrine
Random Thoughts/Man of War Vs. DJ Promote Man Of War & DJ Promote - Random Thoughts/Man of War Vs. DJ Promote

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