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Squint Entertainment

Info:Squint Entertainment was founded by Steve Taylor in September 1997. Squint made a partnership with Word Entertainment. The new label would make the strategic choices and Word financed Squint Entertainment.

Gaylord Entertainment
During that time Gaylord Entertainment Company owned Word Records. The label was bought from Thomas Nelson to Gaylord Entertainment for $110 million in January 1997.

New manager
Steve Taylor's business partner at Word Records was Roland Lundy, but Roland Lundy lost his position in the fall of 2000 and the new executive of Word Records did not understand the vision or strategy of Squint Entertainment and wanted to sell the label.

But Squint Entertainment was first "restructured" as an article from CCM Update dated August 27, 2001 shows: Word Entertainment announced the appointment of Hugh Robertson as vice president and general manager of Squint Entertainment. Robertson's appointment came just one month after Word laid off all of Squint's staff, except then General Manager Steve Taylor, and announced it was restructuring the Squint label. [...]
According to Loren Balman [Word Entertainment President], the release of L.A. Symphony's new album has been pushed from the fall [2001] to the first quarter of 2002.
The involvement with Squint Entertainment would stop for Steve Taylor in September 2001.

In April 2001 Colin V. Reed joined Gaylord Entertainment as president and CEO and he sold Word Entertainment to the Warner Music Group (WMG), a division of AOL Time Warner, for $84.1 million in November 2001. In March 4th, 2002 the whole Word Label Group went through a major restructuring after the change of ownership.

This lead to the dismissal of Word executives on Friday, February 22, 2002 among them Hugh Robertson vice president/general manager of Squint Entertainment. He was just 6 months with Word.

It became known on February 4th, 2002 that the then still appointed Squint manager Hugh Robertson had signed an act called the Souljahz. The band would release their sophomore recording "The Fault Is History" (2002) through the Squint label. Souljahz would not be able to release new albums on the label and went independant again as The Washington Projects in 2006.

Sold again
The Warner Music Group, owner of Word Records, got sold again from it's parentcompany as the musicdivision of Time Warner to Edgar Bronfman Jr. and partners in 2004.

Steve Taylor did try to buy Squint Entertainment back as he states on a press conference
at Cornerstone Festival Friday, July 4, 2003, but his businesspartner, another company, Big Idea, was not able to finance the deal. Hence the end of releasing albums for Six Pence None The Richer and the complete withholding of a new record "Call It What You Want" from a hip hop band called LA Symphony.

Sources: En.wikipedia.org ; CCMupdate.com ; Tolbooth.org
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
The Fault Is History Souljahz - The Fault Is History
Call it what you want LA Symphony - Call it what you want
Broken tape decks (single) LA Symphony - Broken tape decks (single)
Broken Tape Decks (pre-release CD single) LA Symphony - Broken Tape Decks (pre-release CD single)
Big. Broke. L.A. LA Symphony - Big. Broke. L.A.

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