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LowRoof Records

LowRoof Records
Contact:Wim van Wingerden
Info:LowRoof Records is a Dutch record label founded in 1999 and is committed to the support of underground artists and delivering exiting music to the world.

The founders are Arjan Nihot and Onno Groeneveld, but since 2003 Wim van Wingerden
is running the label supported by Arjan Nihot.

LowRoof has three imprints:

The subdivision for dance music headlined by the Osmotic trance-compilations. The first release of Lowroof was a dance album in 1999.

Intensive Elements
The subdivision for hardmusic started in 2001.

The subdivision for hiphop and hiphop-relelated music ('urban' or 'black' styles). The imprint made a first release in 2005.

Positive Sound
The people behind LowRoof are christians and with this label want to create an opportunity for christian artists to display their talents and create a positive sound in this world.
Address:Baankamp 33
Zipcode:7462 TC
Phone:+ (0)54-85-18-66
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
IJstheep Ja & Rusp - IJstheep

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