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Outreach Records (OTR)

Info:Outreach Records (OTR) is an imprint of Survivor Records. Survivor Records is a subsidiary of Kingsway Communications. Outreach Records merged with FIERCE! Distribution, when Kingsway bought FIERCE! in March 2009.

Fierce Records
All OTR artists like the hip hop crew 'The 27th Chapter' came under the Fierce Records banner in 2009. Fierce! covers CCM and mainstream music and most of the Fierce! catalogue.

Sources: Crossrhythms.co.uk: Kingsway Communications buy Delirious?-owned company Fierce! Distribution, March 2nd, 2009 ; Kingsway purchase Fierce! Distribution, March 2nd, 2009.
Country:United Kingdom
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Underdogz : The Remixes (EP) 29th Chapter, The - Underdogz : The Remixes (EP)
Underdogz 29th Chapter, The - Underdogz
The Nu Jerusalem Project Volume 1 GreenJade - The Nu Jerusalem Project Volume 1

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