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Info:Brainstorm Artists International (BAI) was owned by Gene "Eugene" Andrusco and Joe "Ojo" Taylor in the nineteen nineties. Their albums were first released through Maranatha's label: Broken Records. Brainstorm gave many great holy hip hop artists a voice by releasing their albums:
- Dynamic twins
- Freedom Of Soul
- IDOL King
- Tunnel Rats

The label Brainstorm attempted to bring more authentic sounding hiphop in the CCM scene, than the pop/hiphop crossover style of the time. They also released albums from rock, alternative and R&B artists.

First album
J.C. and The Boyz made their debut with Never Give Up on Broken Records in 1989. It's Brainstorm's first hip hop release through the imprint Broken Records.

Alternative Rock
But BAI is more known for it's striving force behind the christian alternative rock scene in the form of the Tooth & Nail label.

Rest In Peace
Gene Eugene is born on April 6th 1961 and past away on March 20th 2000.

Maranatha Records
Maranatha! Records grew out of the Jesus Movement in Southern California during the early 1970s. It offered a wide range of musical styles, including the alt-country sounds of Daniel Amos, among others. There were two spin-off companies in the early '80s, A&S and MRC, which featured more edgy sounding artists. The two were blended together around 1984, and Broken Records was born. Joe "Ojo" Taylor worked all of the labels at some point.

Broken Records
Brainstorm started with the Broken Records label a sort of lease-to-own partnership. This partnership with the Broken label lasted from 1988-1990. The Broken Records label finally reverted back to Maranatha! Music and albums would be released under the BAI/Brainstorm banner.

The label name changed from "Broken" to "Brainstorm" with the Freedom of Soul's Caught in a Land of Time album (1991). After this the logo was also "BAI", and still distributed by Word. Starting with The Lost Dogs' Little Red Riding Hood, some releases had the WAL logo along with BAI.

Four "Brainstorm" releases were numbered under the WAL label system, no hip hop releases though. Word would then disband the WAL imprint and the Brainstorm label would have to find another distributor.

When Word disbanded WAL and all the labels associated with it, Brainstorm found a new distributor in Diamante. To celebrate the change, a series of four compilations were released. Each had a different theme of the style of music Brainstorm had put out from 1988-1994, and included demos and previously unreleased tracks. See for the hip hop compilation: The Brainstorm Maximum Volume Rap (1994).

Innocent Media
In 1996 Ojo Taylor left Brainstorm to start his own Innocent Media label, with distribution also through Diamante. A few Brainstorm artists signed with Innocent, including Peace 586.

Sources & Link
The link mentioned in the profile is the Brainstorm Artists International Tribute Site. This site has been a great resource for this profile.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Listen (single) Peace 586 - Listen (single)
The Vibe (single) SFC - The Vibe (single)
Worst enemy, greatest allie (single) LPG - Worst enemy, greatest allie (single)
Caught in a land of time Freedom of Soul - Caught in a land of time
The Earthworm LPG - The Earthworm

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