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Tyscot Records

Tyscot Records
Info:Tyscot Records was founded in 1976 by Dr. Leonard S. Scott, a practicing dentist, and L. Craig Tyson. The latter partner relinquished his share of the company to Dr. Scott.

In 1988, Dr. Scott assigned the positions of Executive Vice President and General Manager to his nineteen year old son, Bryant Scott. An honor student with great business acumen, Bryant directed the daily operations of the company.

In 1992 adversity hit the company. With a loss of close to half a million dollars, Tyscot faced closure. The faith and tenacity of the visionaries, Dr. Scott and Bryant Scott, proved that with God all things are possible.

Today, Bryant Scott serves as President of Tyscot Records and under his direction the company has blossomed

The label is specialized in black gospel and R&B.
Address:PO Box 20847
Zipcode:IN 4622
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Internal Affairs (DVD) Righteous Riders - Internal Affairs (DVD)
Rap Star? Prodigal Son (Kelly O. Williams) - Rap Star?
The Awakening Righteous Riders - The Awakening
Internal Affairs Righteous Riders - Internal Affairs

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