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Cypha International

Cypha International
Info:Cypha International is the parent organization and ministry for various areas of music, spoken word and teaching ministry. They are committed to reaching people captured and involved in the hip hop culture by exposing them to the truth and reality of God.

Cypha's core crew consists of The Quest (Kaliber & 1st Lady founding Ministers),
D-Cone, Li Li Sheree, E-Train, Lady J, Foundation (group), Harvest (group) and Sol-Image.

Their mission is stated as "We hit the streets as missionaries to our generation and bring them back to right standing with God".

Kaliber and 1st Lady also known as The Quest, as they are commonly called in the hip hop community are the ministers Reginald & Ebony Dockery, both are members of the Word of Faith Ministerial Association where Bishop Keith A Butler is their spiritual Father and Covering.
Country:United States
Phone:+ 248-910-5315
Fax:+ 309-213-7450
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Vocal Eruption Quest, The - Vocal Eruption
Mixtape Volume 1 : The Table of Contents Various Artists - Mixtape Volume 1 : The Table of Contents

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