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Music Ministry Recordings

Info:On September 20th, 2006 it became known that a new label would be formed, which is a partnership between hip hop pioneer Kurtis Blow, now a pastor, and Holy Hip Hop Music together with EMI Gospel, to produce, distribute and market "Music Ministry Recordings".

New release
The first album "Tha Block Iz Hot" is released on April 24th, 2007.

As co-founder of the Hip Hop Church, Kurtis servesas rapper, DJ and worship leader. "Don't get it twisted, God has always existed", says Kurtis, "and in terms of these young people out here who love God but do not like to go to church, only Hip Hop can bring them back to the church."
Also check: hiphopchurch.org

Source: Pressrelease Holy Hip Hop (September 20, 2006)
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Kurtis Blow Presents Hip Hop Ministry Kurtis Blow - Kurtis Blow Presents Hip Hop Ministry

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