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Rescue Records

Rescue Records
Info:The label seems defunct right now, since the site isn't online anymore. Rescue Records was founded by Noah Bernardo Senior to release POD's first albums. Senior is the father of POD member Wuv (Noah Bernardo Junior). The label also began to release other artists' music, but after a promising decade this activity came to it's own demise due to the bankruptcy of Diamante Distribution and it's successor Butterfly-Diamante Music Group in 2004.

Digital distribution
E-Roc uses the label Godcore Records to offer Rescue Records' and Root' music as a download version in 2006.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Exodus Tour : Souls Various Artists - Exodus Tour : Souls
Mad At The World Fros't - Mad At The World
Urban soldiers 2 : law and order Various Artists - Urban soldiers 2 : law and order
Reintroduction of the DJ DJ Skillspinz - Reintroduction of the DJ
Urban Soldiers [1] Various Artists - Urban Soldiers [1]

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