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Amen Films

Amen Films
Info:The Amen Films' executive director is Christopher Martin, also known as 'Play' from the former hip hop duo 'Kid N' Play'. The music division component of Amen Films is Amen Music.

Mission Statement
Amen Films is dedicated to seeking and promoting inspirational film and video features that represent the many diverse journeys to success in God.
The company is your theatrical source for encouragement and inspiration through home entertainment content and titles from comedy to drama.

The first film the company released is the DVD "Holy Hip Hop" on March 21, 2006. The second production is "Lost Soul : The Movie", which is to be released in partnership with RTT Global in the Spring of 2007.

The distribution deal between Amen Films and the Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc. (MEG) was finalized and signed during VSDA Home Entertainment 2005 show in Las Vegas, Nevada as a press release states dated July 25, 2005. Present at the signing were Doug Schwab, president of MEG, and Christopher Martin of Amen Films.
The VSDA Home entertainment show was held July 26-28, 2005.

The deal comprises a five (5) year exclusive output distribution deal for faith based special interest programs and feature films under the Maverick Spirit and Amen Films moniker.
Maverick Spirit is the christian/inspirational label of MEG.
The output deal will help fill the void in programming for the Christian sector and catapults MEG's Spirit as a major player in supplying faith-based films to America's retailers and rentailers.

Following the path of YouTube, Amen Films Executive Director and CEO of Hp4 Digital Works and Solutions, Christopher 'Play' Martin, announced on July 18th, 2007 the official debut of: 24Gospel.com - A Christian Video-Sharing WebPortal For Individuals, Musicians, Independent & Freelance Videographers, Ministries and Organizations worldwide To Share and Spread the Gospel, via Video, online 24/7.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Holy Hip Hop : The Movie Various Artists - Holy Hip Hop : The Movie
Lost Soul : The Movie (remake) Various Films - Lost Soul : The Movie (remake)

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