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New Season

Info:New Season is part of Nu Seazin Ministries, which was founded by Big Reese and Trina Delk, the parents of Lil Ash, in the early 2006. Also Lil Ash is part owner, she leads the youth.

Nu Seazin Ministries has a vision to reach millions by outreach through holy hip hop inspired by the Holy Spirit. Big Reese, the Apostle and Trina Delk, the Prophetess share the same beliefs about Jesus. Nu Seazin Ministries was founded after a revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Originally the ministry was named Body of Christ Ministries but the Holy Spirit through Lil Ash changed the name to Nu Seazin Ministries.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
The Young Prophet Lil Ash - The Young Prophet
Personal Relationship Lil Ash - Personal Relationship
Walkin in the Light Lil Ash - Walkin in the Light
Christmas Time (single) Lil Ash - Christmas Time (single)
Prophetic Hip Hop Lil Ash - Prophetic Hip Hop

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